Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Most large stores/restaurants accept credit cards, however it is still a cash-based society. ATMs are common and safe to use. In general, Taiwan is very safe and you can leave your phone or wallet in a taxi and expect to get it back. - Jul 2020

Credit cards are accepted at most malls and larger restaurants, but Taiwan is still largely a cash economy. ATMs are common and usually quite safe, though I have recently had two friends have their cards compromised. We use ATMs at least weekly and have never had a problem. - Dec 2018

No problem using credit cards, and ATMs are everywhere. Not all ATMs will take foreign cards though, but opening an account at a local bank is easy. - Jul 2018

Taiwan is largely a cash economy, but nicer restaurants and cafes take credit. I have had no issues with security. ATMs are also plentiful and appear safe. - Mar 2017

ATMS are available and safe to use. They are a bit confusing so sometimes I have to walk from corner to corner to find one that will take my card on that particular day. In major stores and restaurants they accept credit cards. - Nov 2016

We used to use our credit card almost exclusively to rack up United miles. Some smaller places don't take credit cards, but most places do. Some restaurants and taxis even take the easy card, which one uses to travel on the subway and buses. And to pay at some parking lots. - Sep 2015

There are ATMs around the city and you can use credit cards at most large stores. Cash is required for smaller shops and the markets. - Aug 2015

Totally safe. - Apr 2015

This is a cash culture, but ATMs are abundant and safe. - Sep 2013

Very safe. I've never even heard of anyone having an issue. - Jul 2013

Credit cards can be used in many larger restaurants, gas stations, and malls. But most purchases are done with cash. ATMs are readily available at 7-Elevens,, which are on almost every street. - May 2013

They have the machines everywhere, but we choose not to use them. - May 2012

Most small stores and restaurants are cash only, but there are ATMs at every 7-11 (which means every corner - sometimes 2 or 3 on a corner). - Jun 2009

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