How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

We have Costco! International food/groceries are easy to find, but can be more expensive than in the US. You can find western food/groceries in Carrefour or Jason’s. Higher priced international grocery stores are commonly found in the basement of malls, which are plentiful in Taipei. Fresh produce, meat and tofu can be easily found at your neighborhood wet market. Prices at the indoor (A/C) wet markets are about the same as or more expensive than in the US. Perhaps the increase in price is because the indoor wet markets are regulated by the government to ensure food safety. - Jul 2020

You can buy almost anything you want on the local market. The island has a great climate and fruits and vegetables are available at all times. If you buy seasonal produce it is cheaper than in DC, but if you want to buy off-season imports they are more expensive. I've found cleaning supplies to be readily available, with many western brands available at Carrefour and Costco, and local brands at all other stores. Like most posts, you may need to figure out which local product works best for your need, but after that it's very easy to find what you need. For the stuff you can't, Amazon ships here, even if you aren't using diplomatic mail. - Dec 2018

You can find everything you'd like, with shops like Costco, Carrefour, IKEA, and lots of import supermarkets. If you shop at local supermarkets and fruit and vegetable markets, you'll save a lot of money though. You can order online from Carrefour, and they will deliver to your house. - Jul 2018

Groceries, especially if you like to frequent wet/outdoor markets, are much cheaper than in the US. If you want to buy luxuries from home, they are readily available, but at a higher price. For example, Charmin toilet paper will cost you about 6 dollars/ roll. - Mar 2017

It may take me a few stops, but I've learned which products are available at which stores. I can find most things locally, especially if I'm willing to pay premium prices. There are several Costcos around Taipei and grocery stores range from Carrefour to local chains. There are some specialty international grocery stores as well. Milk is currently $6.00 USD a gallon and cereal can run $6.00 a box. It is often cheaper to eat at roadside stands than to cook at home. - Nov 2016

Several Costcos are here, which is a great benefit. But there is also Carrefour, and other very good supermarkets. Also of course local wet markets for a large variety of vegetables. - Sep 2015

I would say that food here costs the same or a bit less than in the U.S. There is a Costco here so you can get pretty much anything you want. It is not as cheap as the U.S. Costco but not too expensive. - Aug 2015

You can basically find everything. Cost is reasonable, cheap if you buy at the local wet markets. Wash everything though! There have been a lot of local food safety issues, which is a bit surprising - and scary. - Apr 2015

Groceries are about 1.5 times more expensive than USA, but there is Costco where you can stock up on U.S. goods. - Sep 2013

Western style groceries and grocery stores are increasingly popular. Still, some "familiar" goods may be more expensive. You can find most everything you need if you hunt or ask around. - Jul 2013

Groceries cost more than the U.S., but they are do-able. We have three Costcos (and I heard more to come), and they have lots of US products. We can't complain. - May 2013

You can find just about anything here if you are willing to pay the price. There are a few little stores that carry hard-to-find groceries, but you pay for them: $1 for a Dr. Pepper, $11 for Crisco and such. They also have Costco for bulk purchases and Wellcome and RTMart that are more typical grocery stores. Lots of fruit and veggie stalls in the city. - May 2012

Dairy products, beer, wine, liquor, and cereal will set you back more than in the US, but you can't beat the price of local veggies, fruits, fish, chicken, pork, tea, rice, etc. Costco has lots of American hard-to-find goods in bulk prices. Sour cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, western yogurt, baking supplies can be difficult to impossible to find. - Jun 2009

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