Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not that I’ve experienced. Taiwan people are very polite and enjoy interacting with foreigners. - Jul 2020

No. - Dec 2018

I found Taiwanese people to be very welcoming of people from all backgrounds. As a black woman, I have experienced some inquisitive looks and sometimes stares (especially if my hair is out), but never any perceptible discrimination. Typically people who stare are older and have not travelled outside of Taiwan and are looking forward to practicing their English with a foreigner. People here are some of the warmest people I have met. - Mar 2017

This seems to be a very easy city to live in. - Nov 2016

None that I have ever heard about, which certainly doesn't mean they don't exist. But in the main Taiwanese are too polite to really express prejudices. - Sep 2015

No, people in Taiwan are very friendly and polite to everyone and there is religious freedom here. - Aug 2015

The only issue I've heard of is with Asians who don't speak Chinese, that always surprises the locals. Still, they are too friendly and passive to do/say anything offensive. To the contrary, they give foreigners a lot of deference which is sometimes a little odd. - Apr 2015

Nope. Taiwan is very accepting of most foreigners. I have heard some stories from darker skinned or Asians from other countries receiving some difficulty with service, but in comparison to what I saw in Europe, it is not that bad. - Sep 2013

There is a strong emphasis on the beauty of pale skin, so some African-American colleagues have felt a bit uncomfortable. - Jul 2013

No. - May 2013

I haven't heard of any, unless you look Chinese and don't speak it. - May 2012

None that I've noticed. - Jun 2009

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