Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

All! It is safe and there are so many thing to do in Taipei. - Jul 2020

It's good for everyone. - Dec 2018

Single people won't be bored, although it's easier for single men than for single women to find a partner – single expat men find it relatively easy to date local women, but local men don't seem that interested in expat women, so single women have a smaller pond to fish in. Nevertheless, many of our (previously) single female friends have found someone here.

Couples have lots to see and do here, and Taipei is very well-suited for families: there are free government-funded play centers for small children in every district, the city is generally very stroller-friendly, and there are many activities for kids. I'd say it's one of the best places in Asia to start/have a family. - Jul 2018

This is a great post for all since there is a lot of things to do all the time. Dating tends to be more vibrant for foreign men as opposed to foreign women, however if you are willing to put yourself out there you can definitely have a dating life or even find a relationship while here. It takes a little more effort for women, but it's possible. - Mar 2017

Good city for all. Something for everyone. - Nov 2016

Certainly good for families. I have never heard singles, female or male, complain about life here either. - Sep 2015

Families love it here. Taipei is definitely very kid-friendly. Couples without kids also enjoy going to restaurants and bars. People who like outdoor activities have a lot of fun. The dating scene might be tough if you are single. While there are more and more expats here every year, they tend to be college-aged students or people who have recently graduated college and are here teaching English. Older singles might not have many opportunities to meet people. People who do not like outdoor activities might be bored. There are some good bars and restaurants but maybe not enough to go out every night. Taipei is not a huge nightlife center but there are more and more bars popping up. - Aug 2015

Families like it the most. Some couples may get bored, especially if they aren't outdoor types. Singles, also might be bored at the lack of after-hours activities. The locals grow up very slowly, the local 20-year old Taiwanese is socially equal to a 16 year old American. So, socially, it can be a very quiet place. The dating scene would be very difficult for anyone not interested in dating locals. But, the quality of life is excellent, just a lot quieter than you would expect for such a large city. - Apr 2015

This is a good city for all groups, but, it is not Bangkok. Nightlife is somewhat tame for singles. - Sep 2013

Yes, Yes, Yes. As with most Asian posts, women looking to date may be disappointed. Still, there are a lot of fun things to do here: decent bars and nightclubs, good restaurants, etc. Great for couples and families. - Jul 2013

Great for families. Singles and couples also seem happy here. There seems to be a fun nightlife downtown. - May 2013

I think it could be good for all. There is a nightlife, if you like, and activities for kids and places to visit. - May 2012

Excellent! Lots of interesting museums (one of the biggest collections of Chinese art in the world), parks, playgrounds, water parks, glitzy shopping malls, amazing restaurants (very affordable prices), fun bars and clubs, bike paths along the rivers, hiking trails and hot springs within city limits, great public transportation, and incredibly friendly people. - Jun 2009

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