What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Most of the housing is located on the same area in three safe, nice, and gated communities. Depending on traffic, the commute to work can be seven to twenty minutes. Housing includes both standalone houses and apartments, most of which have 3-4 bedrooms. Most are pretty spacious, but the quality of the housing varies. Houses are generally a bit older with strange layouts and weird styles. - Feb 2019

If you work for the US Government, then you will be part of a furnished housing pool. There are 4 main housing areas, one of them (Puerto Azul) is where the school is located. In my experiences with other housing at past assignments, the housing here is sub-standard. The construction of the houses is quite poor, and the GSO/Facilities crew are fixing things around the clock. During the rainy season the leaks become a major problem, in addition to electrical, air conditioning, and periodic power outages. Most houses come equipped with generators to help with the power spikes and outages than happen. - Jun 2013

30 minutes or so when traffic is bad. - May 2013

Commuting all depends on when one lives, but overall traffic flows pretty well. Maybe a 20-30 minute commute is average, nobody could average longer than an hour, even with bad traffic. - Jan 2012

three main neighborhoods, all gated with 24x7 security. 25 minutes commute to work and 35 minutes going home due to a recently redesigned traffic pattern. No is happy about that. - Jan 2012

I live in Via a la Costa which is about 20-25 minutes from the city center. Traffic can be very bad here. - Aug 2011

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