Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Yes. Petty crime is high. Most parts of the city aren't safe enough to walk outside, so you're kind of limited within Guayaquil. However, there are some safe areas to walk around, dine, etc. - Feb 2019

Guayaquil is a critically rated city for crime - there are all sorts of issues with security here. It is not advisable to travel during the night outside of Guayaquil, and constantly be on the alert when going into Guayaquil or surrounding barrios. Use common sense and listen to the security alerts that are given by the consulate to Americans. The security problem causes a lot of stress among the expats here in Guayaquil. - Jun 2013

Public transportation is not authorized for US Consulate people; only vetted cabs. Some Americans have been robbed. - May 2013

No problems with security personally, but many foreigners do have problems getting robbed. If you just choose to never hail a cab off the street or take a public bus and don't go out partying late at night, you shouldn't have a problem. A couple females who hailed a cab in the middle of the city in the afternoon ended up getting raped recently. Taxis aren't safe. - Jan 2012

robberies, car jacks are serious issues. Post is ranked 'critical' for crimes. In one particular case in 2011, the robbery took place in broad day light in front of the Consul General's residence. Apparently, they had been following a lady from the bank when she took out the cash. One of the armed robbers kept the CG's security guard from intervening while the other two robbed the lady at gun point and they took off with $5000. Another incident occurred inside one of the gated neighborhoods, Puerto Azul, 5 armed robbers tied up a local family in their own home and robbed them. There have been some protests with rock throwing at the Consulate. Local buses are not allowed and only vetted taxis are. - Jan 2012

It is more dangerous than I thought it would be. Beware of taxis off the street. Do not ride buses. - Aug 2011

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