What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Fresh, plentiful, cheap, high quality seafood. Dirt cheap quinoa and chia seeds. Warm weather all the time. Easy access to incredible travel options, including the Galapagos Islands; you can only get to the Galapagos from Guayaquil, which is probably the only reason there are tourists in the city. - Feb 2019

You can save some money here, but the prices of groceries have gone up, especially with anything imported into Ecuador. The weather outside of the rainy season is quite delightful - cool breezes at night, not too hot during the day. The rainy season begins in December and ends in May normally, and does have its hot days with plenty of humidity. Comparably, it's like Miami during the hot summer during the peak summer months. I did not find any advantage living in the city, didn't really find any culture in my opinion that was worthwhile in Guayaquil - outside of Guayaquil is a different story altogether. - Jun 2013

Travel around South America, although air fare is very expensive. - May 2013

Beaches are close (1-3 hours), roads are new and wonderful, mountains are close (2-3 hours), you can wear shorts every day of the year. - Jan 2012

the locals are friendly; some nice beaches; temperatures range 60s-90s year-round; easy to save money - Jan 2012

Ecuador is a small country but is very diverse geographically. You can go to the coast/beach, the Galapagos, the sierra/mountains, or the Amazon. - Aug 2011

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