Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

If you're with the Consulate, you aren't allowed to use buses or public transportation. Taxis are safe if you call to request one from a "vetted" taxi coop. Do not hail taxis off the street. I've heard express kidnappings are common with hailed taxis. Uber worked pretty well once it started up in country. - Feb 2019

Only vetted taxis are permitted. Check with the security office at the consulate. If you don't use the taxis at the hotels or the ones recommended by the consulate, then you place yourself at risk. Buses are prohibited to use for Americans who work at the consulate. - Jun 2013

No. - May 2013

All my local friends view it as a fact, that when they use the bus there is a good chance they could get robbed or the bus held up. Plan accordingly and don't take much with you. Don't hail taxis on the street. Go to a reputable hotel or restaurant and have them call one. - Jan 2012

Only vetted taxis are allowed. They are very reasonable. Buses are not allowed due to crimes and they cost 25 cents but I wouldn't take them either. - Jan 2012

Affordable but not safe. - Aug 2011

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