How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

There aren't many imported products in Ecuador, especially not from the US. If you can find imported products, prepare to pay two to three times the normal cost. You can buy Ecuadorian versions of most things, but the quality is generally pretty low. - Feb 2019

Anything imported is high. Fruit and vegetables can vary. Household supplies also vary in cost. Meats are not of good quality. - Jun 2013

The local Mega Maxi is very expensive. Fish Market is good and cheap. Anything imported is expensive. - May 2013

Some supplies are ridiculously expensive (regular sized can of cooking spray- $8), while others are super cheap (fresh herbs, fruits and veggies: dirt cheap). - Jan 2012

local groceries are very reasonable but anything imported is expensive. There are several supermarkets within easy distance from residences. Don't worry about bringing cereals from the States as they cost only about $4+ a box. The limes and pineapples here are great! There's a seafood market near the residential neighborhoods where you can get very cheap shrimp, fish and you should always bargain. Bartering is expected in open market in many countries around the world, you know. I think it's actually fun to do. - Jan 2012

You can find most things that you would find in the United States here, just different brands. - Aug 2011

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