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Like many places, people can choose to emphasize the positives or negatives. My advice is don't be a whiner, enjoy your free housing if you're a diplomat, and get out and do things you enjoy. - Jul 2022

This is a terrific post for families, singles, and DINKs. The only morale depressors seem to be traffic and pollution. Most USG work-related meetings and events are in Miraflores, San Isidro, or Center City Lima, so if you live in La Molina, expect a lot of stressful time in transit if you will need to participate in these. Drivers, in my opinion, are dangerously rude, speed, and traffic police do not seem to help. Probably the biggest complaint folks have here is the amount of time spent in traffic, regardless of where you live. So far there's no protocol for telecommuting from work even one day per week. If you can handle these things, you will have a great experience in Peru. - Oct 2018

It's really hard to know if Lima is the city for you until you actually live here. - Jul 2016

Peru is fascinating and fun in many ways because of the food, activities, and travel, and frustrating in many ways due to corruption, traffic, weather, etc. The quality of life in the bubble is pretty great. I really live for the weekends. - Sep 2015

Although the overall report may seem negative, Lima is not a terrible city. Although the school is not great and the weather can get depressing, there are some parts of Peru that are pretty incredible. In my time here, I've gotten the chance to go midnight cayman hunting in the Amazon river, seen the bluest, most beautiful lake you could ever imagine, and tried some of the best food in the world. - Apr 2015

Some of the great groups to get involved with in town include: -The Canadian International Club of Peru -Women with Wine -Miramoms -Contact Group Lima -American Women's Literary Club -The American & Canadian Association of Peru - Aug 2013

About the society in general: Any question you ask will be answered. People make up answers and then try to blame you or others for their mistakes. Verbal agreements are useless. If you pay for something and you lose the receipt, you have to pay for it again. Customer service is very poor. - Jun 2013

Lima can be chaotic and gray, but if you give it a little time, this city will get into your heart. Housing, schools, entertainment, history, beaches, and culture - Lima is a real gem! - Aug 2011

Lima has been one of my more enjoyable tours. - Jun 2010

Embassy Lima is one of the largest in the Wesern Hemisphere and can be cold and univiting...especially at first. Formal embassy support can leave much to be desired and the General Services shop is mismanaged and not much emphasis is put on follow up and friendly customer service. Locally employed staff run that show, they generally get away with uninspired work and may in fact treat you with disrepect. On a final note, just as in many developing countries with women that are attractive to foreigners, and that need or want a way out of their country, infidelity can be a problem. Some Peruvian women have very negative reputations and break marriages. Iquitos (jungle city to the northeast) is rumored to be the place where Expat men go to get a little action on the side-- so keep that in mind. Those with middle school kids should be wary of house parties among their peers, sometimes alchol and smoking is permitted. - Jul 2008

Living in Lima can be frustrating at times, but there are many amenities available that mitigate the frustration. Most people are happy living here and many extend their tours as a result. - Apr 2008

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