Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Aside from the traffic and a need not to display wealth in the wrong places, this is a relatively easy to live in, modern city with many conveniences, good restaurants everywhere, and people who treat you in a friendly manner. - Jul 2022

Culture, culture, and culture.. There are great museums, live theatre, restaurants, etc. At every turn, there are ruins, in Lima and throughout the country. Fabulous place to unleash your inner historian and/or archaeologist. - Oct 2018

Upscale malls, easy travel from Lima airport, tons of local history, museums, first run movies in English, fresh fruit and vegetables and again the numerous restaurant choices. - Mar 2018

The food really is worth the hype. - Apr 2017

The food. - Jul 2016

Food capital of South America, in country travel opportunities, relatively affordable, nice standard of living in Lima (most of the time). - Sep 2015

The weather is mild and nice. It is fairly inexpensive to live here. Lots of restaurants. - Sep 2015

Peru is a special place. From the vastly differentiated geography, to a very friendly and inclusive culture and an incredible food scene, it was an incredible place to live. The weather in Lima is quite mild year round, with a sunny yet pleasant summer and a somewhat cooler, grayer winter season, all moderated by the proximity to the equator and the marine influences of the Humboldt current. Peru has enjoyed an extended period of good economic growth, promoting a strong middle class and new opportunities for dining and entertainment about. Even so, prices are modest by international standards and one can "live well" and still save money. - May 2015

Machu Picchu, saving money, and restaurants. - Apr 2015

GREAT food, child-friendly, ocean views, fabulous travel. - Sep 2014

Travel. You can see the coastal desert, Andes, and Amazon basin all during your tour. - Apr 2014

Lima has a few lovely neighborhoods filled with restaurants, parks, music, art, cafes. Walking along the Pacific Coast is a treat. Peruvian food is becoming world renowned and for good reason. Peruvian food is delicious--shellfish, fish, meats, and some surprisingly decent homemade pasta restaurants. Outside LIma, the Andes are truly majestic. If you love hiking, you have to fly and acclimate to the high altitude, but once you have that covered, the hiking is outstanding. There are innumerable Incan ruins and a big surf culture on the coast. If the Jungle is your thing, then you can fly to the Amazon and stay at relaxing eco-lodges. - Mar 2014

Incredible oceanfront living, beautifully landscaped parks, lots of interesting travel within the country and most importantly, the delicious cuisine! - Aug 2013

Summers are lovely! Blue skies, no humidity, it's hot, but not too hot, and traffic is light. The restaurants are amazing. Truly. And the in-country travel opportunities are incredible, with great destinations in the mountains or the jungle, on the beach, in 5-star comfort or backpacking, etc. - Jul 2013

Lima has a few very modern neighborhoods where you can enjoy a range of fine food, South American wines, bullfighting, and even see Inca ruins. Hiking in the Andes is amazing, but not close to Lima. - Jul 2013

Traveling around the country for tourism. - Jun 2013

The benefits of living in Peru are many. From tourism, to culinary arts, to surfing, to exploring historical cultures, this is one heck of a post. Tourism in Peru has gone viral a few years ago, not only because of Macchu Picchu (one of the wonders of the world), but also because of the Nazca lines, Paracas, Lake Titicaca, jungle tours, beach excursions, mountain hikes, etc. The multiculturalism in Lima, which stemmed from strong waves of Oriental immigration, has given way to a dynamic culinary scene, which features magnificent, mouth-watering dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and other yummy delights. Celebrity chefs are all the rage at the moment, and hardly a day goes by without an trendy, novo-Andean, overpriced restaurant opening in the city. Surfers enjoy the swells off the coast of Lima, and they also head up north towards Trujillo and points north of there. Ancient cultures, many from thousands of years ago, commingle with pre- and post-Incan society to form the identity of modern Peruvians. The full exploration of their culture is fascinating and one of the best reasons to consider Peru for your overseas assignment. - Jan 2012

Travel, sightseeing, being a tourist, Machu Pichu, the food, the ocean. - Jan 2012

Touring, Food, Culture, History - Aug 2011

Lima was the old capital of the Spanish conquest in South America. The old city center has many old and beautiful structures, which include the Cathedral, the Presidential palace, the city hall, congress, etc. There are many church and many interesting museums. Peru is a country with a very rich and diversified culture. Many ancient cultures populated many parts of the country, and there many archeological sites all over the country. There are many places to travel to, so bring your hiking shoes and overnight bag - you will be doing many long-weekend trips. - Jul 2010

Amazing culture, good restaurants, artwork, friendly people, lots of opportunities for sports activities. - Jun 2010

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