Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. Install times vary considerably. You may get lucky if your office sponsor helps you out in advance, or wait two weeks. - Jul 2022

Good quality internet, we stream all the time without problems. It took about a week to install and runs about the same price as in the US. - Oct 2018

We used Movistar and Claro while we lived in Peru. 10 mb was all we really needed. You could stream Netflix and pay per views with no issues. We had our internet installed shortly after we arrived. Easy process, the embassy provided contacts to make the installation as painless as possible. - Mar 2018

I have Movistar 40mb internet which works pretty well, though at night I notice significant decreased performance when everyone is home and streaming. - Apr 2017

Internet is available and service quality varies. Approximately $50USD/month. - Jul 2016

Yes, US$70 a month and not bad, but not by DSL, get the fiberoptic package. - Sep 2015

Yes, there are providers that give decent access, which can be US$50-100 a month, depending on speed you require. A frustration is that these are basically DSL lines, which can slow down dramatically during the high use times in the evenings. - May 2015

Yes. Price similar to the U.S. - Sep 2014

Yes, but the adjective "high-speed" is a bit ambitious. To get something approaching high-speed, you must purchase a package that includes local cable. Without the cable package, you'll be lucky to get 1MB, even though you're paying for 6 or 10 MB. With the cable, it's US$100/month, minimum. - Apr 2014

Yes, the service is fairly reliable and costs less than US$100/month. - Mar 2014

Yes, around US$60 a month. - Aug 2013

Yes, it is. It's expensive (about $75/mo) and not that fast, but it is pretty reliable. - Jul 2013

Yes, available for about $50/month. - Jul 2013

Yes. - Jun 2013

Around S/.150 ($50 USD) per month. The quality and service is good. - Jan 2012

Yes, cost depends on what it is you want or need. I pay $/.270 (soles, 2.70 to the USD) for cable TV, hardline phone and internet) - Jan 2012

Yes. It is a package w/ the land line & runs around $100, more or less. - Aug 2011

Yes up to 4MB $50-$100 a month - Jul 2010

Yes, it's available but really sucks. Expect lousy reception in most areas and no one to answer your complaints. This is my second most frustrating thing about living here, traffic being the first. - Jun 2010

Yes, but expensive. - Jul 2008

High speed internet is available and fairly reliable, you will pay around US$50/month. - Apr 2008

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