Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Lima is a huge restaurant/foodie city. Even the average places have high-quality food, for the most part. Delivery is available for most places as well, either on their website or via Rappi/Uber Eats/the app of your choice. - Jul 2022

In La Molina, some pizza, roasted chicken, and sushi places deliver, but options are limited. We like Nanka (farm to table, upscale), Amore (upscale Italian with wood fired pizza and a surprising array of Thai and Indian dishes), and Punto Italiano, an old-school pizza and pasta place. They all open by 6 PM and with our kiddos, we frequently beat the crowds. There's also Sushi, a wine bar, and an organic vegan place that are very good in the neighborhood. In Miralfores, San Isidro areas, there a ton of restaurants and delivery options of all kinds. If anything in La Molina, we've been able to save money since we frequently cook at home. - Oct 2018

Food in Lima was great! We rarely ate any fast food. Paiche (local fish), paella, lomo saltado, fruit/veggies, ceviche, chicha morada (local drink), tacu tacu....the list goes on. We really enjoyed the food choices. Of course they had the usual Burger King, McDonalds, Pappa Johns, Pizza Hut, Starbucks etc...honorable mention also goes out to the local chifa (Chinese) and pizza restaurants. We loved Pizza Bella's in La Molina. - Mar 2018

More restaurants than you could visit in your life, including two restaurants that are ranked in the top 10 in the world! There's a popular delivery app (Lima Delivery) that I use pretty regularly, and tons of restaurants run their own delivery services as well. I've been able to find pretty much anything I have a craving for, except for a really good bagel. Man I really miss bagels. - Apr 2017

Lima is one of the best food destinations on the planet and many tourists are now coming for gastro-tourism. The options are endless. From Central (ranked in the Top 5 on the planet) to the fish guys at the market making fresh ceviche. The local food is incredible. For the irrational individuals who refuse to eat uncooked fish, there is a full range of fast food restaurants (McDonald's; KFC; Burger King; Popeye's; Papa John's etc.) - Jul 2016

All the American chains. But why the heck would you eat that in Lima? This is the capital of creative, healthy and delicious cuisine. Maybe if you get the occasional craving, but otherwise you are committing a serious crime if you go to McDonald's or Chilis. You should slap yourself in the face with those frozen baby back ribs. - Sep 2015

There are thousands of restaurants in Lima. Peru is a fresh-eating culture. Peruvians are into fresh, local, homemade, organic, low-chemical, natural foods. There are tons of organic markets sprinkled all over the city, many within walking distance of where most expats live in La Molina, San Borja, Miraflores, and San Isidro. Peruvians understand food allergies---all you need to do is explain to the waiter the allergy, and they will make sure your food is free of that product (whether it's gluten, dairy, shellfish, or other items)---but being able to explain your food restrictions in Spanish is a must here. - Sep 2015

Tons of American fast food - McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, TGIF, Dominos, Pizza Hut, the list goes on and on. Costs are usually less than in the states. And the town is awash with "Chifas" - cheap Chinese food joints that serve lots of variations of fried rice and noodles. Nothing exceptional, but incredible cheap and available. - May 2015

There's KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc. Pretty much the only American fast food chain that's missing is Taco Bell. But all of that's irrelevant because Peruvian restaurants are AMAZING. Seriously, the food is so good. I would have never considered eating raw fish cooked in lime juice before coming here, but I've been transformed. - Apr 2015

Almost every kind of food is available for all budgets. Haven't found Vietnamese. - Sep 2014

Just about every fast food place is here at reasonable prices. Peruvian chicken is great - most restaurants will deliver. - Apr 2014

Lima has numerous fast food restaurants at U.S. prices. - Mar 2014

Lots of fast food options (U.S. chains like: McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, KFC, Chili's, TGIFriday's). Priced similar to the U.S. - Aug 2013

There are numerous U.S. and local fast food chains, but why bother with them when Peruvian cuisine is so amazing and not expensive? You can get great meals at restaurants for anywhere from $15 to $150 apiece - everyone can afford to eat out and does so regularly. - Jul 2013

There are many U.S. and Peruvian fast-food restaurants. Cost is equivalent to U.S. prices. - Jul 2013

Many, many! - Jun 2013

All of 'em. McDonald's and Burger King, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, KFC and Tony Roma's, Pizza Hut and Domino's are all here. American junk food is in full presence. There are also some Peruvian varieties like Pardos Chicken and Bembos. But why eat this crap when gourmet Peruvian cuisine is readily available? - Jan 2012

This is Peru! They like to eat and are great cooks. there are some good local fast food places and some of the standard American ones. KFC, McDonald's, Papa John's,Domino's, Starbucks. But the local food is so much better. - Jan 2012

All except Wendy's. Chain restaurants include; Friday's, Chili's, Tony Roma's, and Lone Star Steakhouse. Prices are reasonable. - Aug 2011

Almost all the American fast food chains are here, and there are many local chains as well. But why would someone want to eat at these places is beyond me... Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world! There so many good local restaurants here, cheap and expensive alike. Delicious fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the local markets for you to cook your own delicious meals. Food is one of the strongest selling points for this post. - Jul 2010

Lots of fast food available and the usual US chains, Mickie D's, BG, KFC, Chili's, etc. Most folks prefer to eat at the many finer restaurants throughout the city. Just plan to muddle through traffic to get there. - Jun 2010

The usual fast food is avaliable, plus some Peruvian franchises -- lots of good restaurants, both local fare and intl genearal the Peruvian fusion food is excellent and seafood a must. They also eat cuy, a guinea pig raised for eating. - Jul 2008

Fast Food/American Restaurants: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes Pizza, Chili's, TGIFridays, Tony Romas. Having said that though, Lima has some of the best restaurants we have ever eaten in. There is amazing Italian, Spanish, Peruvian and Continental food to be had here. The Sushi and Seafood are also incredible. The restaurants are inexpensive, clean and safe. - Apr 2008

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