Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Lima has a large LGBT subculture, even if the national culture is rather conservative. - Jul 2022

There's a strong LGBT community in Miraflores/San Isidro area. - Oct 2018

Peru is very Catholic. Peru has made less progress on acceptance and respect for the LGBT community. The next President, PPK, has promised to introduce legislation that will allow for civil unions. One major bank has come out with an "innovative" new credit product where two non-married individuals can apply for a joint mortgage - the advertisements target "roommates."

More and more places can be considered LGBT friendly and areas like Miraflores and Barranco are generally the most welcoming. There are a handful of gay bars. - Jul 2016

Officially, the Peruvian government does not recognize same-sex marriages or relationships. Additionally, the Peruvian Government is not moving towards recognizing same-sex diplomats---either Peruvian or foreign. There is one out gay Peruvian legislator, and though thousands have signed a petition to legalize same-sex unions, there is no political will to do so. I do not know one single out LGBT person in all of Peru (local, expat, or diplomat)--quite a different story from other places I have lived. There is an LGBT NGO operating in Lima (MHOL); I am not sure how active they are. There is very little in the media about the LGBT community in Peru. Local police in Lince (close to San Isidro) recently shut down a gay bar for alleged health code violations. And in 2013 a Peruvian gay teen was tortured and murdered. I would recommend (if you are LGBT and are considering a posting to Lima) that you do some independent research before coming here. Try posting on the Facebook page "Living in Lima - Expat Support," and reaching out to your employing agency's HR office to ask questions. - Sep 2015

I think so, there are several gay bars and I think the public is generally accepting of gays and lesbians. - May 2015

It probably is- Lima's a big city. - Apr 2015

OK. - Sep 2014

Mixed. Peruvian society is very conservative but this is a city of some 10 million. The Peruvian Congress is debating legalizing civil unions for same sex couples. - Apr 2014

There is a big LGBT community, but there is also a lot of LGBT-based discrimination. Peru is much more conservative on LGBT rights compared to other countries in the region. - Mar 2014

Yes, it seems to be - I've known several gay couples here that do not seem to have had any problems. - Jul 2013

Peru is much more conservative than other South American countries. There is an LGBT scene in Lima, but it is not common to see openly LGBT couples, but the LGBT community does face discrimination and hate crimes. - Jul 2013

Yes. - Jun 2013

I know a few homosexual couples and they seem to enjoy themselves when out on the town. I know of no problems that they have encountered. There is even a gay bar near the Parque Kennedy across from the Ripley in Miraflores that seems to be busy every time I go near. - Jan 2012

Do not know. Lima is a party town and there are a lot of nightclubs, concerts, plays, sports, etc. - Jan 2012

I hear that life can be hard for gay expats. I do know several couples who seem very happy in Lima, but I would guess it could be very difficult for them outside of the city. - Aug 2011

It is not the best, but it is not bad either. - Jul 2010

Yes I believe so...but at in most Latin American societies, homosexuality is generally frowned upon. - Jul 2008

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