Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes - Jul 2022

Yes, but after four years, while I'll be sad to leave the culture and friends, I'll be relieved to get to cleaner air... - Oct 2018

Probably/Maybe. We had a ton of fun, but four years was enough. On to the next adventure. - Mar 2018

Honestly? No. It's been fine and I'll make it through my tour in one piece, but this has not been a good fit for me. - Apr 2017

No. I don't necessarily regret coming here, but I am very happy to leave. - Jul 2016

Yes, but I would get a bigger car that has an iron grate to plow through traffic and shoots water balloons filled with paint and ketchup. Otherwise, it's been a good post. I do look forward to going to a new city that is has more of an interesting cultural feel on the street though. Lima can be quite sterile, especially where we live in the bubble. Get out of Lima, and you'll see the real, authentic Peru. Otherwise, I would definitely serve here again as long as the economy doesn't crash, which will greatly increase crime and corruption, and as long as the restaurants stay at this level of deliciousness. - Sep 2015

In a heartbeat. We're really sad that we only had two years here, just a great place to live! - May 2015

No. - Apr 2015

Yes. - Sep 2014

I'm torn. There are better places in the Andes (Bogota comes to mind) that are better. The school is the bitter pill for us that undermines all the great that the city has to offer. I'd think long and hard before agreeing to come here with school age kids. - Apr 2014

Yes, definitely. It's a great post. - Mar 2014

No, the fragmentation in the embassy community has soured this tour for me. The dreary winters have also affected me more than I expected. - Aug 2013

Yes, absolutely! - Jul 2013

Yes, definitely. It's a beautiful country and Lima is a great city. - Jul 2013

No. - Jun 2013

Sin duda! - Jan 2012

Yes. - Jan 2012

In a heartbeat. - Aug 2011

Absolutely. - Jul 2010

Yes. It's been a great three years. Embassy life here is actually very good. Agencies get along for the most part and there is engaging work to be done. - Jun 2010

NO!!!!! Other areas in Peru but not LIMA. - Jul 2008

Absolutely. We have enjoyed our time here even with the frustrations that come from being in the developing world. - Apr 2008

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