Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Post has both DPO and pouch services. Would not trust local postal services. - Jul 2022

DPO. Never used local postal facilities, although FedEx, DHL, and the other carriers are all available. - Oct 2018

We used the embassy post office and diplomatic pouch. Anything shipped through the local mail system seemed to disappear for us. Going to the local post office or Cerra Post was a nightmare for us as we would experience long lines and lost packages. - Mar 2018

I use the diplomatic pouch and embassy post office, both are fantastic and really reliable. (Keep in mind things slow down during the holidays, so Nov-Dec things take a looooong time to get here, though that's not the embassy's fault.) - Apr 2017

I have only sent mail through the Embassy and DHL. To be honest, I have no clue on how to send a letter locally. - Jul 2016

We have a DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) at the embassy as well as pouch mail. Most mail and packages can go through the DPO (with certain size and weight limitations), and order-to-delivery can take as little as a week. Some shippers won't accept a post office box number and those would go through the pouch, but that can take three weeks or more for delivery. - May 2015

DPO. - Sep 2014

DPO. Don't bother with the local mail system. - Apr 2014

DPO. - Mar 2014

DPO. - Aug 2013

We use the embassy's mail (DPO). - Jul 2013

DPO - Jul 2013

Dip mail. - Jun 2013

Diplomatic Post Office. - Jan 2012

We use DPO. But, there are the major shipping firms here - FedEX, DHS. - Jan 2012

The US Embassy has a DPO/APO. - Aug 2011

DPO - Works great. - Jul 2010

Local mail sucks...The embassy has DPO, and that works well. - Jun 2010

We had access to APO and pouch. - Jul 2008

You don't. - Apr 2008

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