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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Plenty of sports and other outside activities for kids. - Jul 2022

Anything you want. Soccer, horseback riding, dance of all kinds, gymnastics, music, art, pottery, surfing, skateboarding, languages, seriously, you can find anything and very affordable. Many schools offer extra curricular activities for free as well. - Oct 2018

FDR offered soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and track. Outside of school...anything you can think of including archery, MMA, boxing, tennis, karate, horseback riding, rock climbing, bowling, etc. - Mar 2018

At FDR, definitely. I would assume that the other schools are the same. - Apr 2015

Soccer, swimming, circus, ballet, etc. - Sep 2014

Great after-school activities at Roosevelt. Surfing lessons in Miraflores. Horseback riding, tennis, soccer, whatever your child wants to do. - Apr 2014

Yes, although I can't speak to that. - Aug 2013

Yes, especially soccer, swimming, horseback riding, and volleyball. - Jul 2013

Soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming, surf.... There are several golf courses, but the game is so extraordinarily expensive that it is not feasible to play. - Jan 2012

Yes, everywhere. - Jan 2012

Yes. Particularly if you have a working knowledge of Spanish. - Aug 2011

Yes. Many swimming academies, Martial Arts, Dance, Horse riding etc. - Jul 2010

The schools have some sports activities but nothing like the good old USA.Horse riding is popular and inexpensive. - Jun 2010

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