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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Many modern gyms are available - you get what you pay for - and there is an inexpensive facility on the Embassy compound. - Jul 2022

The embassy has a small, very affordable gym. Lots of larger gyms, including Gold's, and yoga studios abound. For yoga, prices are about the same as in the US. - Oct 2018

Golds and Bodytech. Prices were a little high, but they had quality equipment. There was a Bodytech nearby that was always busy. The embassy had a decent gym that would charge a monthly fee. - Mar 2018

Plenty of gyms available, including one at the embassy with a paid membership. (Side note - I think it's bizarre we have to pay to work out at work.) Also there are a ton of outdoor boot camps and yoga classes outside on the Malecon that you can just drop in on. - Apr 2017

The core neighborhoods with expats have a good amount of gyms available. Golds Gym and Bodytech would be the biggest chains locally. Many gyms do not have A/C. There are number of private clubs that also have gym facilities. This can be a good deal for families as they give access to beach clubs and other facilities outside of town. Prices vary, but are generally at prices similar to the US. - Jul 2016

Yes, many gyms like Golds and others. I believe the costs are similar to those in the States. Personally, the weather is so mild and there are a string of ocean-front parks in Miraflores with workout stations, that I do my workouts in the parks. - May 2015

There are nice but pricey gyms. The American Embassy has a small gym. - Apr 2015

Yes, lots of gyms. Not sure about costs. - Sep 2014

The U.S. Embassy has a small gym. There is also a soccer field, running track, tennis courts and volleyball/basketball court. Pick-up soccer and volleyball games happen throughout the week. Roosevelt allows the Embassy community (even if you don't have kids who attend) to use the pool for lap swimming (every weekday morning and Tues/Thurs evening) as well as the tennis courts, soccer field and running track. Gold's Gym and other private gyms are all over the place. - Apr 2014

There are many gyms in the city. The Embassy has a small gym but it does the trick. - Mar 2014

Yes, the Embassy has one but there are other's like Gold's Gym available. They can be quite expensive, but they are available. Lima Yoga is another great option that has 5 locations and monthly packages that are affordable. - Aug 2013

Yes, they are plentiful. Many private gyms are around town, and the embassy has a well-stocked gym on campus, too. There are also embassy employees doing pickup games in ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and soccer on weekdays after work. - Jul 2013

Yes, there are many gyms, and they are at or above U.S. prices. - Jul 2013

Yes, the embassy has one, and there are Gold's Gyms located throughout the city. - Jun 2013

Several chains have branches here. Gyms are very expensive, and most cost around $100 USD per month. - Jan 2012

Lots. Several large chain brands and a lot of local gyms. - Jan 2012

All over the place. - Aug 2011

There is a small gym in the embassy, and many Gold's Gyms all over town - Prices are just like in the USA: about $75 a month. - Jul 2010

Yes, lots are available but pricey. - Jun 2010

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