Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Remarkably little. Lima is technically a desert climate, so that helps. - Jul 2022

Chilean brown recluse spiders are everywhere. We frequently find them in our house and have trained our children to yell for an adult if they find one. Our helper shakes out blankets and pillows every day, vacuums, and once a week cleans curtains and under all furniture and rugs. They are venomous and it's nerve-wracking to find them, but thankfully they hide. Occasional ants and roaches, but not frequently. - Oct 2018

The only bugs we had problems with were ants. We had a rat problem in our front yard until we got our dog. After he more rats. - Mar 2018

I hear a lot of houses have spider problems, but I've seen very few bugs in my apartment. - Apr 2017

Ants and moths. - Jul 2016

None - Sep 2015

Despite what other folks have said, there are mosquitoes in Lima, and windows don't have netting on them. But the problem is not that bad. Ants are a problem in kitchens. Bring non-toxic ant killer. - Sep 2015

Insects seem almost non-existent in Lima. There are the occasional spiders and one sees cockroaches on sidewalks, but very few flying insects. The jungle region is a different story. Mosquitoes are present nearly everywhere, particularly bad in mornings and evenings, and they can carry malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya. Use insect repellants and long clothing and you should be okay. - May 2015

None really, other than some ants in the kitchen. - Apr 2015

No bugs in Lima. - Sep 2014

Ants, ant, and ants. Spiders invade every house and all crevices. Check under your furniture and in window sills periodically to clean out the webs. Mosquitos are manageable but other biting insects that hang out in the yards will make you long for a simply mosquito bite. - Apr 2014

No insect problems. - Mar 2014

Only ants, which are annoying but manageable. - Aug 2013

Nothing out of the ordinary. There are no tropical diseases or large/unusual insects to worry about in Lima. - Jul 2013

None. - Jul 2013

I lived in La Molina, and we had a huge problem with spiders -- all colors and sizes. I hired an exterminator every year but still had some spiders roaming around. - Jun 2013

Although there are no insects to report, there is a mold problem that manifests itself at certain points throughout the year. Dehumidifiers are an absolute must in closets and can be procured locally. - Jan 2012

Not many. Some bugs in the warmer months, some ants in the houses. - Jan 2012

Insects aren't bad. Some ants, spiders and mosquitos in the summer. - Aug 2011

No insect problem at all in Lima. - Jul 2010

Nothing really dangerous in Lima except there is a fear by many of spiders here. Kids should be watched for creepy-crawlies anywhere though. Termites are a big problem in older homes. - Jun 2010

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