Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Umbrella - Jul 2022

Winter clothing. Instead you can stock up on alpaca wool clothing of every kind beautifully designed and very affordable. - Oct 2018

Umbrella, rain/snow gear - Mar 2018

Desire to be anywhere on time, umbrella, rain boots. - Apr 2017

Common sense, umbrella - Jul 2016

Umbrella, lack of patience for traffic - Sep 2015

umbrella. - Sep 2015

Notions of Peru, particularly Lima, as a third world country. While there still is some pretty rough living in the Andes and the jungle areas, many places have thriving economies and lots to offer both the traveler and the resident expat! - May 2015

Umbrella. - Apr 2015

Umbrella. - Sep 2014

Impatience in traffic and expectation that road rules mean anything - adapt or go insane. Umbrella. - Apr 2014

Raincoat--it never rains in Lima! - Mar 2014

Umbrella - it never gets beyond a mist. Leather goods - oceanfront residents will get lots of mold. Manners - Peruvian driving is ATROCIOUS. Blaring horns, cutting people off, turning from an outside lane, running lights, near accidents - all are part of a typical day's drive. It definitely takes a toll over time. Pedestrians are also largely ignored, with a hundred cars passing and no one stopping to let you cross. Line cutting is also common (both in queues and on the road). - Aug 2013

cookbooks - just eat out! - Jul 2013

umbrellas--it never rains in Lima! - Jul 2013

Knowledge of French. - Jan 2012

Winter clothes. - Jan 2012

umbrellas - Aug 2011

umbrella and good driving techniques - you won't be using them. - Jul 2010

expectations of small town living. Lima is a big city with all the benefits and all the troubles. - Jun 2010

Road rules, your belief that Peruvians have common sense and your sports car. - Jul 2008

Expectations of first world infrastructure and common sense. You won't need heavy winter clothing either. - Apr 2008

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