Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Embassy is standard business attire most days and "smart casual" Fridays. That said, depending on your section and boss you may be able to get away with being pretty casual most days. - Jul 2022

Same as in Washington, DC: business at work; formal for evening receptions and galas or other formal events. It's casual on weekends and in most restaurants. - Oct 2018

Suit and tie to dress pants and a nice shirt, but depends on the section where you work. In public...anything you can think of. I didn't see many males wearing shorts though...except at the beach. - Mar 2018

For work I get away with dress pants and a nice shirt, but I'm in a section with no outside meetings. Today I'm wearing jeans and so far nobody seems to have noticed. In public places, anything goes. - Apr 2017

Most places seem to operate on a business casual dress code. Cotton pants and a dress shirt for men. Suits are needed for many events. The best is to dress fairly formally until you learn to dress for your schedule. - Jul 2016

Within the Embassy, usually a shirt and tie with slacks. Meeting with Peruvians would also call for a sport coat or suit. In public Peruvians are generally casual - open collared shirt with slacks. But shorts and sandals are often seen as well. - May 2015

About what you would expect in the U.S. I see women run into the store on the way home from the gym. - Apr 2014

Lima is more formal than the U.S. I wear suits to the office. I wear jeans but never shorts in public in my free time. - Mar 2014

Formal at work, casual in public. - Aug 2013

Appearance is important, as it is throughout Latin America. At the embassy, men wear ties every day and women are in fairly traditional business wear. - Jul 2013

More formal than in the U.S. Think euro-light. - Jul 2013

Casual. People here dress up to go to the grocery store. - Jun 2013

Peru tends to be formal in terms of dress. Americans tend to wear suits and ties at work, although some Peruvians get away with short sleeved shirts and no ties. It is better to err on the side of formality at first and then re-adjust your dress style after being here for some time. - Jan 2012

Business professional/casual in workplace. Outside the workplace, dress accordingly to the situation. Weather will decide a lot of the clothing. - Jan 2012

Professional and urban - DC/NY. - Aug 2011

Business at work and casual in public. - Jul 2010

Business attire is suit and tie. Nothing fancy. Folks get away with jeans at even the nicer restaurants. - Jun 2010

Business attire at the Embassy, some sections more relaxed than others, Peruvians generally dress formally. - Jul 2008

Most people wear business casual or suits. - Apr 2008

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