Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Full range of social activities are available, although it seems a fair number of people at the Embassy are still hesitant about socializing in general, due to the pandemic. - Jul 2022

Mother's clubs, book clubs, Dining for Women, Bunco, Women's clubs, sports clubs for biking, running, etc. Lots of marathons, 5Ks, etc. going on. For US Embassy community, the CLO also organizes a lot of events, they are very good and very active. - Oct 2018

Family gatherings, cook-outs, movies, events at the embassy, trips to Cienaguilla or the beach during the summer. We went to concerts, food festivals, school carnivals, and sporting events. - Mar 2018

Plenty of bars, clubs, trips to the beach, weekend road trips to be had. InterNations was not a good experience for me. - Apr 2017

Internations and the Lima Young Diplomats club are very popular options. People are also able to get into some sporting groups.

With the expat community being so large, almost everyone knows someone in Lima. I have found that the expats are generally open to making new friends and people inherit each others' friends. Peruvians can be a tough nut to crack. Sunday family days are pretty sacred. - Jul 2016

Movies, live music, dancing, restaurants, walking on the malecon and enjoying the beautiful pacific view (only sunny three months out of the year though), art galleries, museums, festivals. - Sep 2015

Number one are the restaurants. Peru has a tremendous gastronomic culture. They LOVE their food and have great ingredients to create many wonderful dishes. They take great pride in their food and have many internationally known restaurants here. You can eat out every night and never run out of good places to eat! There are also lots of bars/clubs around, though we don't frequent them so I can't comment there. Peru also has a somewhat unique social event, called a Pena. It's a kind of a nightclub/dance hall/comedy club/amateur hour all rolled together and lots of fun! The downside is that they generally don't get started before 11pm and last until 3 or 4am, so if you're not a night owl, this may not be for you. - May 2015

The nightlife in Lima is big. Even teenagers will find that this is the case. FDR's prom doesn't even start until midnight. - Apr 2015

Explore Lima's amazing culinary tradition. - Sep 2014

Hit the beach in summer. Try the variety of restaurants all over the city. Learn to surf. Stroll down my the water. Invite everyone over for a BBQ. There is always something to do. - Apr 2014

Dining, live music, plays, symphony, cafes, etc. - Mar 2014

One of the difficult parts for me has been the social scene. I have found the embassy community to be very fragmented, both by geographic location and by agency. Tour lengths vary greatly (2 years for State, 5+ for AID and DEA) so there tend to be agency cliques that form over time for those who are here longer. It's not uncommon that everyone invited to a social outing is from a specific agency. There is also a division based on where you reside. For example, we live on the Malecon with our young child (the malecon is more common for singles and couples) whereas most families live over near the Embassy. We never get invited to activities on that side nor do many people want to drive an hour to come see us. It's been incredibly frustrating and has made it very tough to make friends here. - Aug 2013

People go out a lot and also entertain at home, especially in the expat community. - Jul 2013

Lots to do. - Jul 2013

Clubs, restaurants, beach parties, etc. - Jun 2013

Tons. Eating out in trendy restaurants is all the rage. Miraflores is a very cool spot to see and be seen. There are great bars and restaurants along the beach and some up by Parque Kennedy and others near Larcomar. There are some cool peñas where you can stay out to 4 am listening to traditional music and enjoying life the way the locals do. There are some cool clubs/bars where you can get your groove on at all times throughout the night. Youths will certainly enjoy "Pizza Street" where you can eat, drink, and be merry in the company of young folks and listen to loud music. - Jan 2012

Everything is here. Movies, concepts, night clubs, dinners, shows, etc. - Jan 2012

People do everything here. Dinner and parties at each other's homes are certainly popular, but people go out to restaurants, clubs, movies, or the theater all the time. - Aug 2011

People go out to restaurants, bars, English-speaking theater, shows. Many big-name musicians come to Lima. A lot of parties at home, too. - Jul 2010

Lots of social activities, family parties. - Jun 2010

Lots of night life, ranging from nice dinner and drinks to nightclubs-- some areas are rumored to be hangouts for working girls (Pizza Alley, Tequila Rock). - Jul 2008

There are always events going on with lots of accompanying food and fun. Catering is plentiful and inexpensive. - Apr 2008

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