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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Spouses can easily get jobs at the US Embassy. In fact, there are positions that go begging due to lack of interest. Local salary scales will amount to charity work unless you are an expat banker. - Jul 2022

Embassy jobs, entrepreneurs, telecommuting, schools, etc. Service-based jobs don't seem to pay well unless they are tech or banking sector; some expats have thriving restaurants, merchandising, and skill based services (teaching instruments, coding, etc.). The US Embassy does a great job promoting USG spouse-owned small businesses. - Oct 2018

There are some positions available in the embassy for family members, but most will require that you have a good command of Spanish. Jobs on the local market would have low pay according to US standards and most of your check would go to pay for gas. - Mar 2018

There are a decent number of jobs at the embassy though with the hiring freeze, plenty of those are in jeopardy. - Apr 2017

Local salaries vary from incredibly poor to sky high for many professionals. Many local staff at the embassy can make more money than the diplomatic staff.

Many spouses have found telework opportunities, short term contracts with their countries' embassies, or have identified different entrepreneurial activities.

Trying to get a local work permit sounds like an ordeal so many individuals have decided to work as consultants. - Jul 2016

Not that I've heard. - Sep 2015

Yes, but limited. - May 2015

There are jobs for spouses of U.S. government employees at the Embassy. There's also a really big summer hire program for teens, and I know of a few American parents who work at the schools as part-time or full-time teachers. - Apr 2015

Everyone I know who has wanted a job has found something. - Sep 2014

Not really. There are high paying jobs with international companies, but most of those people are hired from abroad. Despite the unbelievable amount of wealth here, local wages are low. - Apr 2014

There are some teaching opportunities and a lot of work in mining and oil/gas. - Mar 2014

More than most places - schools, NGO's, etc. I know several people with non-Embassy jobs. - Aug 2013

Yes, there seem to be, although you might have to be creative at first. - Jul 2013

There are some with aid agencies or in teaching. - Jul 2013

No, the pay is terrible. - Jun 2013

Most spouses get jobs at the embassy, although some teach at local schools, and some stay at home to rear their kids. Peru's economy has been growing steadily for the past 20+ months, so if somebody isn't working, it is due to some other factor than the lack of availability of employment options. - Jan 2012

Very limited, as is the case in most posts. I would be curious if there was a posting where there was EFM employment opportunities. Language requirement can a very limiting factor. Also, Post has a policy about having least than a year remaining on tour. If you have least than a year, it is highly un-likely that you will get employed. They have put in the ‘case by case’ wording to lessen the blow. A lot of the jobs are taken up and ‘sat on’ by spouses of other than State Department employees. DEA, for an example can be posted here for several years, not the two or three years of a State employee. That gives the spouse a leg up on the opportunity for a job with the Mission. There are no to very few jobs on the local market. Unless you want to be an under paid English teacher or aid. You might have a chance at local employment if you are fluent in Spanish and have a skill that is in demand and want to deal with the work permit process. The Mission has a service to assist in locating work in the local market or helping set up a business. They have not been that successful, considering the length of time they have been available. If you have something you can do from home, over the Internet, etc., there might be a chance at employment. This is no different than any other post. Is there any post where there is employment on the local market?If you have the time and desire, there are several NGO and volunteer groups that will welcome you, your money and your time. - Jan 2012

Not too many. The Embassy and FDR do quite a bit of hiring, but otherwise, no. On the local economy, don't expect US wages or a job in your chosen field. - Aug 2011

Not really. The local economy pays low wages. Most find jobs as ESL teachers. At the embassy there is a lot of competition for each available position, and many times Spanish is required. - Jul 2010

Not unless you are a native Spanish speaker and know someone. - Jun 2010

Not really, most spouses work as freelance this or that...some work virtually for whatever employer they did in the past, others created their own small businesses catering to expats. - Jul 2008

No. There are some options through the Embassy, but not much within the local economy. - Apr 2008

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