Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Average - the sunless winter, horrible traffic and pollution can wear on people. - Aug 2013

Great - this is a wonderful, easy place to live. - Jul 2013

Mid-range. Some love it, some don't. Depends on their exact circumstances. - Jul 2013

High to very high. This is a great post. - Jan 2012

Good. But, will temper this with the statement: "It all depends on you and what it is you are doing." Some people are not enjoying their tour because of the workload, Mission Management, personal differences. - Jan 2012

Good to Excellent. This can be a difficult transition, but once people acclimate, they tend to love it here. I know many families who have extended their tours. - Aug 2011

Quite good. Many families extend because of the schools. The main complaints are the traffic and the cloudy skies. - Jul 2010

Good. - Jun 2010

Mixed bag...some really enjoy PERU and that overshadows the shortcomings of Lima...some singles have a lot a fun and nightlife and cuisine provide a good experience. - Jul 2008

Generally good. This is a good post which has an undeserved negative reputation. Things are inexpensive and there is a lot to do in Peru. As long as you come not expecting it to be the US or Europe, you'll be a lot happier. - Apr 2008

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