Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Large expat community, but tends to get partly swallowed up in the Latin American megacity. A good number but not the usual level of cultural and entertainment events, because the city is still coming out of the pandemic. Expats generally like Peru, but there's also a divide between the Lima-based and provincial ones, who are often more northern California types. Not a bad thing, just being descriptive. - Jul 2022

Very large and diverse; high morale. Folks love Peru. - Oct 2018

There is a large expat community. We had numerous friends and always had something to do together. I would say the morale was good. There was always something to do. If you were bored, it was because you weren't looking. The CLO was very good about putting events together and we attended many of them. - Mar 2018

Pretty big expat community, though I would say morale tends to be fairly low just due to the stupid traffic. It touches every single aspect of social interactions. The CLO works so hard to put on events but people bail because they are worried about traffic. I find that the people here that are happiest have a member in their family (either the officer or EFM) from South America that can help them make sense of a city that so often does not make sense. - Apr 2017

The expat community is huge. A large diplomatic, private sector, international organization and NGO community. The morale is a mixed bag. From absolutely in love with everything in Peru to absolutely loathing it. Families with kids seem to have the best time. - Jul 2016

Large and generally good. Some people love it and some people hate it. Some people just do not like the people in Lima, can't stand the traffic and the weather. Some people think it's a gastronomic paradise with lots of fun travel. Depends on what irks you and how adventurous you are. There is not much of a sense of community because traffic makes it impossible for people in different parts of town to get together with regularity. It's just not worth the effort. Also, the Peruvian government is not very cooperative on issues of diplomatic priveleges and immunities. They do not honor reciprocal agreements on taxes, etc. The diplomatic ID issued to you can hardly be used because no one knows what it is. This isn't a big deal but can make some logistical stuff harder than it needs to be. - Sep 2015

There's a sizable expat community here, both Americans and Europeans. In addition, all international tourists have to go through Lima when visiting Peru, so there are always a lot of visitors in restaurants, on the Malecon, etc. speaking English and any number of other languages. Also, it's easy to make friends with Peruvians, a very friendly people! - May 2015

Large and good morale. My expat friends have become my family. - Apr 2015

Huge expat community. Morale is pretty good I think. - Sep 2014

Huge and varied. Many people love life here and extend. Others are so frustrated that they count the days until they leave. Happiness seems to be tied to how far and often one needs to drive. We are content here but would not choose to stay longer than our assigned tour. - Apr 2014

The expat community is good sized but because there is so much to do in Lima, it's not as tight as other places I've lived. - Mar 2014

Large. - Aug 2013

Large and growing. - Jul 2013

Many other embassies, Internations, international schools, etc. - Jul 2013

Big- don't know the numbers. - Jun 2013

Relatively large. - Jan 2012

Huge. From most of the world. Lots of mining and resource extraction companies, tourism, industry companies. - Jan 2012

Large - Aug 2011

Quite large. The embassy it self is big. There are many British, Canadians and Europeans here, too. - Jul 2010

Large...mining industry, financial sector, US teachers, embassies. - Jun 2010

Mid-size... - Jul 2008

300 associated with the U.S. Embassy and a smattering of others in private industry. - Apr 2008

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