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English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Yes to both, not sure of the costs. - Aug 2013

Movistar has a package. For 300 soles we got TV, cable, and phone. - Jun 2013

Cable Mágico has several channels in English, but the quality of their service is poor. There is a satellite system from Puerto Rico that I heard actually runs English channels direct from the USA. I would not get Cable Mágico if I were moving to Peru. - Jan 2012

TV - yes. Basic cable package haves Fox, CCN, BBC. There is a dish service from Puerto Rico that has more of the American stations. - Jan 2012

You can get satellite tv for around $75 a month. - Aug 2011

Direct TV is available. - Jul 2010

Direct TV has an English feature which is nice. The cost is comparable to the US.I read the local paper and Wash Post, NYT online. - Jun 2010

Cable TV, Direct TV (Puerto Rico and Peru) are available -- English lang papers in speciality shops. - Jul 2008

You can use Cable Magico, the local cable for about US$40 a month and you will have some English access. For more (including a fairly steep installation fee) you can get Direct TV, either the Peruvian feed or the Puerto Rico feed. - Apr 2008

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