Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Spanish is necessary unless you are a tourist. The Embassy has a language program but not in-person. Local Spanish and other language tutors are available and affordable (by US standards). - Jul 2022

Your life will be much better if you learn/speak Spanish. Tons of classes, tutors, books, online resources, and good classes at the Embassy; free for some family members of certain agencies. - Oct 2018

You will need basic Spanish for taxis, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and the like. English is spoken more in Miraflores (tourist area) than the La Molina area. I spoke basic Spanish and it was a struggle for me to get by at times. - Mar 2018

Coming from someone with zero Spanish who is not Latina by heritage - it's been really hard. I enrolled in classes and do my best with day to day interactions, but even within the Embassy, Spanish is essential. It really hit my morale pretty hard, I feel like the only person here who doesn't speak the language, and it makes venturing into the city pretty intimidating. - Apr 2017

The more Spanish you have the better. Many get by with very minimal Spanish, but you will discover more of the city by knowing Spanish. - Jul 2016

A lot. English education is poor here. - Sep 2015

You need to be fairly comfortable in Spanish here. - Sep 2015

Not too many Peruvians know English, so some Spanish speaking is very helpful. I have found that while I'm by no means fluent, my "combat Spanish" gets the job done. Talking on the telephone without a good command of the language can be daunting, however. - May 2015

You need to know a pretty good amount of Spanish. If you live in Miraflores, it's not as necessary, since that's the most touristy area. - Apr 2015

A lot. - Sep 2014

Lots. Little English is spoken, even in touristy areas. Your life will be better with Spanish. - Apr 2014

You need to speak some Spanish to get around. - Mar 2014

Basic Spanish is needed to get around. Lima is not a major tourist destination, so residents haven't had to learn English for tourism. I would encourage all spouses/partners to take a basic Spanish class or get a tutor (Universidad Catolica or the Embassy have great programs). - Aug 2013

Many Peruvians in Lima and the tourist areas speak fluent or passable English, but knowing some Spanish is always helpful. - Jul 2013

Most Peruvians do not speak English. Learning some basic Spanish will definitely make your life easier. - Jul 2013

Not much, they are used to dealing with tourists. - Jun 2013

A fair bit. Spanish is the language in Peru and those who cannot speak it will struggle with day-to-day life. In a very small enclave in Miraflores and in a small social circle with wealthy, well-educated and professional people, one can get away with only speaking English. - Jan 2012

The more the better. There are classes everywhere for all levels of Spanish students. - Jan 2012

You need to have Survival Spanish for sure. Classes are available. - Aug 2011

Quite a bit would be very helpful. The embassy provides free Spanish classes. - Jul 2010

The more the Spanish at all and you will be stuck at most stores and not enjoy the culture and beauty of the wonderful country. - Jun 2010

You should have your basic and take classes when you get there. - Jul 2008

Enough to get around the grocery store and to communicate with your domestic help. - Apr 2008

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