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Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Credit cards are widely accepted and easy to use, merchants use the portable wireless/contactless POS machines. ATMs are available at the Embassy. As usual, use others at your own risk, preferably in upscale and secure areas. Some of the online services/apps don't like international credit cards, so you may have to experiment. - Jul 2022

Yes to credit cards, ATMs, and as long as you use common sense (i.e., no large withdrawals at 2 AM outside a casino), you should be fine. - Oct 2018

We had no problems using credit cards in Peru. Just make sure the card never leaves your sight. Most businesses would bring the credit card machine to your table to swipe it. We mostly used the bank in the embassy to withdraw cash. We never used an ATM to withdraw cash. Be aware of your surroundings when using ATM's, especially around the Miraflores area. Lots of shoulder surfing goes on in the tourist areas. - Mar 2018

I use my credit card pretty often, no issues so far. I try to only use the ATM at the embassy just in case, but on the rare occasion that I need to use one outside, it's been fine. Be careful though, I know plenty of people who've had their cards cloned and money stolen. - Apr 2017

If you have a chip and PIN card go wild. Almost everywhere accepts cards and no one with chip and PIN has had issues that I'm aware of. I use ATMs at banks, on the street, wherever without issues. - Jul 2016

You can use it, but make sure it has a chip. I've had my credit card swiped a couple times with random charges later. The chip technology helps prevent that. - Sep 2015

ATMs are okay, just be aware so that no one is "shoulder surfing" or waiting to relieve you of your cash once you get it. Lots of ATMs in brightly lit commercial areas lower that risk. Lots of folks use credit cards here (the waiter will generally bring a card reader to the table so fraud from "side swiping" is diminished), but I usually just used cash. - May 2015

No problem. - Sep 2014

Our credit card has been compromised several times here so use caution. We only use the ATM at the Embassy. Our preference is to use cash and avoid the headache. - Apr 2014

In Lima you can use ATMs with relative safety and you can use credit cards at major stores and restaurants. Peru is still predominately a cash economy and I avoid using my credit card. - Mar 2014

ATM's are widely available and credit cards accepted most places. Many people use cash though to avoid credit card fraud. - Aug 2013

Credit cards are accepted just about everywhere, and using them and ATMs is safe. - Jul 2013

You can use credit cards at major stores or restaurants. ATMs are safe to use. it is still largely a cash economy and I usually use cash to play it safe. - Jul 2013

I had a bad experience with ATMs. You should be careful to go only to an ATM indoors. - Jun 2013

I took out a credit card at Banco Contiental and after two years of rather regular use, I obtained S/.700 in a cash-back scheme. I tend not to use my cards from the USA because I am too cheap to pay a 3% international usage fee to the bank :) - Jan 2012

Have not have any problems. I use credit cards everywhere, everywhere I feel that it will not be a problem. Use the common sense when using - watch the credit card, have the credit card reader brought to the table, use secure ATM locations, be aware of your surrounding-have someone stand with you and help cover the transaction. - Jan 2012

At banks and major restaurants & stores, no problem. I would use cash anywhere else. - Aug 2011

You can use your ATM card in many ATMs around town, but be careful. There is an ATM and a Bank on the embassy grounds. - Jul 2010

The ATM system is popular here but frankly there have been a few horror stories so I do not use them. Credit cards at the gas station or grocery store work fine although expect to pay a slight charge. - Jun 2010

Ok. Never a problem. - Jul 2008

No problems with either in Lima. Outside of Lima, it is a good idea to carry cash. You will find ATMs periodically, but not always. - Apr 2008

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