Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Pretty much everything you need is available in supermarkets for a reasonable price, not all the US brands though. - Jul 2022

The luxury supermarkets are cheaper than the mainstream markets in the US if you're buying local produce and products. Imported goods are expensive but you can order most of them through the DPO. Local produce and flower markets are incredibly cheap. Most neighborhoods, including La Molina's, have weekend farmers and/or organic markets that are also priced very well. Some organic produce, dairy, and meat companies will delivery, but with greater reliability and frequency to Miraflores and San Isidro areas. - Oct 2018

Excellent. We mostly shopped at Wongs grocery store. They had a good selection of everything including American products (though these were expensive). Other grocery stores included Plaza Vea and Vivanda. Vivanda was the most expensive, followed by Wongs and then Plaza Vea. All three carried a large variety of items and had good produce. Tottus also moved into La Molina around the time we moved. - Mar 2018

I shop pretty much exclusively at Wong and have been very happy with quality and prices. Tons of US products, produce is plentiful, and there is a decent selection in Asian/Mexican supplies as well. Zero complaints. - Apr 2017

Almost all groceries are available, some at a cost. Imported products are generally expensive, as is good quality meat. Local produce is excellent and incredibly affordable, particularly if you shop in the markets. If you are only shopping in Vivanda and Wong expect to pay close to North American prices for most of your order. Organic options are increasingly more available with specialty stores opening up. Relatively limited, but expanding selection of gluten-free products. - Jul 2016

There is an 18% tax on everything, which we do not get refunded. Paper products and imported items are more expensive, but the Embassy has a very excellent commissary which helps. Veggies and fruit are not cheap in the big stores, but are fun to buy and cheap in the markets. - Sep 2015

Fresh produce and crude items are extremely cheap here. I can walk away from a local supermarket (Plaza Vea) with two shopping bags filled with fruits and vegetables and spend $4. You can also buy tons of imported food items, mostly from the US, which are much more expensive but often worth it. - Sep 2015

There are huge grocery stores here with a broad selection of goods. Prices are decent, though imported goods can be expensive. In addition, there are many markets that sell fruits and vegetables, as well as small "bodegas" shops and even kiosks on the streets with fresh produce. An added benefit are bio-markets on weekends (think "farmers markets") with fresh, organic produce, eggs, yogurt, cheeses, and even meats! Expect to pay a bit of a premium for that. - May 2015

There are a couple of major grocery stores- Wong and Plaza Vea. My mom usually shops at Wong. You can find most groceries here that you would in the States. The cost is probably a little cheaper than the U.S., unless you buy imported brands. - Apr 2015

Comparable to the U.S. Produce is cheap. - Sep 2014

Groceries are more expensive than the U.S. Local fruits and vegetables are reasonable. Milk, meat, cheese, etc are more expensive. We spend more here than any of our other postings. But the COLA makes up for it. - Apr 2014

Lima is more expensive than you would think. Groceries are more expensive, although produce is about the same as U.S. prices. Wine is very expensive--even Argentine wine. You can find most goods in Peruvian stores. Canned whole or crushed tomatoes are difficult to find and expensive. - Mar 2014

Food has been surprisingly more expensive here than I though. The Embassy has a great commissary, so it's very easy to walk in there and drop US$100 on a basket of items. Peru also has U.S.-quality grocery stores like Wong and Vivanda and while you have the selection, you'll pay high prices for imported items. Clothes and toys especially are ridiculously priced, so we try to order all that (and household supplies) from Amazon. - Aug 2013

Groceries are slightly more expensive than in the U.S. Paper products and cleaning products are more expensive. - Jul 2013

You can find everything you need at the grocery stores, and you can even order online for delivery at from the store WONG. There also is Vivanda, Vea and others. I had a car, and most of the time I was there I paid the delivery fee (15 soles) to get my groceries delivered at home. - Jun 2013

Prices in grocery stores are a bit more expensive than the USA. A family of four can easily spend $150 per week on groceries in Vivanda, Metro, Wong or Plaza Vea. The way to avoid this is to buy food and veggies at local open air markets. It is also a good way to rub elbows with 'real' Peruvians and try to fit in with every Fulano, Mengano, y Zutano. It is a bit of an experience for the unaccustomed, as many of the animals are live and there are no styrofoam dishes and saran wrap to hide the undesirable sights from the patrons, but the cultural perspective that one gains from these markets far outweighs the downside. - Jan 2012

It is all here and cost is very good. Cheaper than most places in the states. - Jan 2012

Availability is good. Cost is a bit higher. - Aug 2011

Everything is available here. Fruits and vegetables are fresh and flavorful and are cheaper than in the USA. Electronics, car parts and brand-name clothing is more expensive - thank goodness for the DPO. - Jul 2010

All the items you need are here and many of the US brands although all items are generally higher priced than the US. - Jun 2010

Several supermarkets simillar to what you would find in the U.S. or other fully developed nations, some of them are pricier (Wong's), but you can go to Metro or Plaza Vea for the same things and better pricing. - Jul 2008

Many US products are available with some mark-up. But, there are generally cheaper alternatives of similar or slightly lesser quality. Wong, Vivanda and Plaza Vea are grocery stores that also sell household goods for prices similar to that in the States. You cannot find canned or frozen vegetables, but the fresh veggies available are cheap and delicious. - Apr 2008


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