Lima - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

All should find things to do and places to go. - Jul 2022

Yes, for everyone. There are 9 million people, it's kid-friendly, trendy, and tons of cultural events for everyone: plays, orchestras, theatre, movies, etc. for adults and kids of all ages. Fantastic travel abounds. - Oct 2018

Good for all. The singles seemed to have busy weekends as well as the couples. Families with kids of similar ages seemed to be the busiest. Weekend road trips were also very popular. You had to get out of Lima every now and then to keep your sanity. - Mar 2018

Singles have no shortage of dating opportunities, just gotta put yourself out there. Couples seem happy. Families with kids seem a little stressed by the early start the traffic forces on their kids. - Apr 2017

Single males are probably the best placed to have a good time. Families seem to have an instant network via the schools and are generally the happiest. Peru is still a relatively traditional society so single women are often the ones who have the hardest time. - Jul 2016

OK for all, best for couples - singles do OK, though people in Lima are not especially outgoing or interested in making friends with strangers so you really have to make the effort. Not a good place for introverts. - Sep 2015

This is a good city for families, singles, and couples, since there is a lot going on all of the time. - Sep 2015

Yes, I think so. But since most families live in La Molina and singles/couple live in Miraflores (an hour or two apart, depending on traffic), there isn't a lot of "mixing" between the two groups. - May 2015

This is a good city for singles and couples. Like I said earlier, the food is amazing. Singles who live in the Miraflores area take advantage of Lima's nightlife, which is big. - Apr 2015

Yes. - Sep 2014

Good for all. Single and couples living near the ocean are in the heart of a fantastic area with tons of things to do. Families enjoy the range of activities and household help. - Apr 2014

Yes, families enjoy nice housing and Peruvians are very family-oriented. Lima has plenty for singles to do--bars, clubs, beaches galore. I'm married without children and we have been very happy here. We frequently go to restaurants and take walks on the coast. There are a few decent yoga studios and a decent selection of cultural activities to take advantage of. - Mar 2014

There is something for everyone here. There is a huge restaurant scene, loads of nightlife and great playgrounds and parks for the kids. - Aug 2013

This is a good city for any type of employee. There are activities and events to suit all tastes, and the large expat population covers all demographics. Peruvians at all levels are open and friendly, too. - Jul 2013

It's good for all family types. As a married couple without children, we love the cultural activities and walkability of the coastal neighborhoods. I almost never drive my car. There is a lot to do in Lima--movies, restaurants, some music (but it starts very late), museums, bars, architecture, Incan ruins, etc. There is a big expat community if you are looking for that. - Jul 2013

Yes. - Jun 2013

Great for all. Families can get lovely homes with nice yards and send their kids to top-quality international schools. Singles can live in Miraflores and enjoy good restaurants, nightclubs, and more of an urban environment. Couples without children would also likely prefer to live in the Miraflores/San Isidro vicinity. Single men will enjoy dating here, as women are attractive and particularly keen on dating foreign men. - Jan 2012

Yes. There is so much to do for everyone. - Jan 2012

This is a great city for anybody. There is no way to get bored here. - Aug 2011

It is good for all. Families with kids benefit from the cheap domestic help, and often have a nanny and a maid. - Jul 2010

It's city life and traffic is a pain so it can be frustrating if you are used to shuttling your kids from one activity to another. Most singles live in Miraflores near the ocean and enjoy nice apartments, good night life and many fine restaurants. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Jul 2008

Good for all sorts of family arrangements. There are activities for all ages in Lima and of course Peru boasts some of the most amazing sites in all the world. A trip to Machu Picchu is a must as is a visit to the Amazon jungle. - Apr 2008

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