Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

My prior experience living here taught me plenty of what I would need to live here, how to negotiate the context, and set realistic expectations. Then came the pandemic... I would recommend that anybody considering Panama City come and visit before committing to a long-term stay here. I say this very respectfully, but Panama is not on everybody's favorite/memorable experience list. - Dec 2021

It's really not close to the beach: one and a half hours minimum. Panamanians seemed to me to be a bit colder when compared to others in LatAm countries. - Oct 2018

How expensive it is. - May 2017

How much I'd sweat.
More about the history.
More about the accent - Panamanian Spanish can be hard to understand. - Mar 2017

If I'd have known about all the housing issues I may not have come. - Oct 2015

One day everything is easy and the next day the same thing at the same place will make you pull your hair out. - Jun 2015

I wish I'd known how expensive it was and that despite its appearances, Panama is definitely a third world country. I was unprepared for the frequent water and electricity outages (homes do not have generators) and how spotty internet connectivity would be. Customer service is very slow and almost non-existant here. This was a suprise to me too when I first arrived. - May 2015

I read a lot before coming and was ready... - Jul 2014

That all 0% posts are not created equal. I came out of a 20% hardship post and my life has been far harder in Panama than it ever was there. - Mar 2014


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