Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Plenty, since there are many organizations that could use talent. Spanish and patience are the most important tools you will need. How this works out remotely is anybody's guess, especially since not every community-based organization has laptops or internet connectivity. - Dec 2021

Lots. - Oct 2018

Lots of opportunities to volunteer in the city. - Sep 2018

We have a People-to-People coordinator at the Embassy who can probably hook you up with any number of volunteering opportunities. - Mar 2017

Many. - Oct 2015

Many. - Jun 2015

There are volunteer opportunities, but it is easier if oen speaks basic panish. - May 2015

I would say many, if you know Spanish and look around (i.e. local NGOs, public institutions etc). - Jul 2014

Lots of community service opportunities, most dealing with youth in poor neighborhoods, etc. Standard stuff. - Mar 2014

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