Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

CableOnda (now Tigo) was super fast to install service and is very good. I have teleworked for what seems to be forever and can't recall being offline. Mobile telephony is also widely available and prepaid plans are also easy to procure. - Dec 2021

Yes. - Oct 2018

Easy to install, fast enough for all of our electronics (quite a few). We stream quite a bit without trouble. The two primary providers, Cable & Wireless and Cable Onda, seem to compete for who can provide the worst customer service, but the actual reception is pretty good. - Sep 2018

Cable Ondo is what most people use, but customer service is bad. - May 2017

Yes. I get 15 MBps plus cable TV (which I don't use) for $50/month. More reliable than Comcast. I got it a few days after arrival. - Mar 2017

Yes, and it is pretty good! 15MB for under 30$ - Oct 2015

Yes. - Jun 2015

Yes, it is available but it is very spotty with frequent outages. In addition, the wifi signal in your residence will often not work throughout the house despite the use of extenders. - May 2015

Yes. Installation customer service is horrible. I think I paid too much: US$100 for 9mb plus cable TV with all HBO channels. - Sep 2014

Yes, up to 10 GB, around US$40 a month. - Jul 2014

Yes, cost is comparable or a bit cheaper than the U.S. We have 10 mb cable internet for about US$40/month. - Mar 2014

Yes. - Jan 2013

Yes - we have quite fast internet - I believe it's $30-40 a month. - Sep 2011

Cable Onda is good; Cable and Wireless. - Apr 2010

I have 2meg and my cable/tv bill is about $100 a month - Dec 2009

Yes, we have it included in our cable bill which is about US$80. - May 2008

Same as above. - Apr 2008

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