Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I believe it is. - Dec 2021

I'd say medium. Not a huge scene, but certainly not condemned. - Oct 2018

I don't know of particular problems, but this is a Catholic country so maybe a problem, maybe not. - Sep 2018

Very good. My husband and I are part of the LGBT community and found a very large group of international LGBT friends. There are a few dance clubs (though we're a bit past that age). There is a pride parade every year, though it's really more of a march than a parade. Attitudes in the country are still a bit traditional, but minds are changing. Many public TV personalities are LGBT, but not necessarily super-open about it. We are asked if we are brothers more often than we like, but oh well. - Mar 2017

I think so. - Jun 2015

No, LGBT individuals do not have basic human rights and a recent police study demonstrated extreme bias against this population. There are worse places one can be, however. - May 2015

I would not know but I guess so as there are so many foreigners here and Panamanians are very welcoming. - Jul 2014

Not very gay friendly, although it's probably worse for gay Panamanians than gay expats. There are no legal protections for being gay and homosexuality is specifically cited in the police code of conduct as a serious moral failing. - Mar 2014

I think Panamanians are fairly tolerant. - Jan 2013

You can see gay couples walking around the city in certain areas. I had several gay friends who said it was hard to meet potential partners but they were not discriminated against by Panamanians but it still is a sensitive subject especially among the men. - Sep 2011

heard it is ok - Dec 2009

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