Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

I have to come to terms with the fact that the industry where I work will be linked to Panama for years to come. The last time around, when I moved to NYC, I could not have imagined moving back to Panama. Never say never. So when I leave, I might have to come back again, depending on where my job will take me. That said, I would not move here if not for work since some of the specifics of Panama, especially the weather, I find too much at times. Also, the cost of living is not low. - Dec 2021

Yes, good for kids who learned Spanish while here, life has been slow, low, and not too stressful. - Oct 2018

Definitely! It has been a wonderful two years! - Sep 2018

No, I would not. - May 2017

Absolutely. - Mar 2017

Knowing what I know now would I do the first time tour here? Answer: Probably (if I can't get my top 5 choices). It's better than hardship posts. Knowing what I know now would I do a second tour? Maybe not. To deal with housing (fixing/maintenance) issues sucked the energy and happiness out of me. Also I'm not great fan of Panama heat (weather wise). However expat community is great! - Jun 2015

Only if the post allowance was raised and if they got a hardship differential and an R&R to compensate for the hardships endured here. - May 2015

Yes! - Sep 2014

Yes! - Jul 2014

No way. The housing has really ruined the post for us, but in addition to that, it's a much harder place to live in than we thought it would be. Before this, we spent 2 years in a polluted and overcrowded city, so this post was supposed to be our "nice" post. It hasn't been what we were expecting, and it's made the experience disappointing. - Mar 2014

Absolutely. I love living here! - Jan 2013

Yes. It can be frustrating, but the pros outway the cons! - Sep 2011

Yes. If you want to experience Central America, I think this is the best you can get in terms of cities. - Apr 2010

yes, schools are a little weak, but not bad - Dec 2009

Yes, I love it here and I think it's a great place to raise a child, as least in the early years. - May 2008

No. - Apr 2008

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