Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

None. I go local. - Dec 2021

None. - Oct 2018

None. - Sep 2018

Not really anything in particular. OTC drugs are a bit harder to get, as you literally have to wait at a counter and ask for them. They're quite expensive. - Mar 2017

Portable dishwasher if the house doesn't come with it, lawn mower (available in Panama), carpets (sometimes available in small sizes). - Jun 2015

Portable dishwasher. The vast majority of homes don't have one assuming you will have a maid but hiring a domestic is so diffciult and expensive that many decide to forgo having one. Many homes lack storage, I wish I would have pruchased shelving units and containers before my arrival. - May 2015

None. - Sep 2014

You find it all here. - Jul 2014

A portable dishwasher. Most of the housing does not come with dishwashers (under the assumption you'll get a maid, which we didn't), but no one informed us of this before we packed out. We were able to buy a portable dishwasher from someone else leaving post, thankfully. There are rumors these are sold at the main Pricesmart store out by Brisas del Golf, but we have not confirmed this. - Mar 2014

Pine-nuts. I can't find them anywhere. - Jan 2013

The DPO arrives quite fast so you can ship in what you want in about a week from - Sep 2011

specialty foods or any item you HAVE to have - Dec 2009

Good furniture. I am glad we kept our stuff from Ikea. They have the worst selection and quality of furniture. Plus it is not cheap. Also books are hard to find and overpriced. - May 2008

Remember that most everything is imported in Panama so if you want something expensive, it's best to buy in the U.S. with the exception of electronics which we found to be about the same as in the U.S. - Apr 2008

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