Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Gyms are available but some had to shut down following the lifting of pandemic mobility restrictions since the very nature of their business was not compatible with social distancing. Some of the larger gyms like Smart Fit cost about $20 a month. Cross-fit boxes are also available but the last time I checked they seemed to be incredibly crowded when considering the potential perils of being too close to strangers. - Dec 2021

Gym in the embassy, some okay gyms nearby - Oct 2018

Gyms are common and the embassy has a decent workout facility. - Sep 2018

Many gyms! - May 2017

Panamanians are very into working out. There are races or activities nearly every week. They also extend the Cinta Costera on Sunday mornings all the way up to Panama Viejo, by closing off a lane of the road. There are gyms in almost every apartment building, though they can be small. Larger, membership-only gyms exist in nearly every neighborhood, though memberships are $100+ per month. The Embassy has a good gym as well. - Mar 2017

Yes, and the embassy also has a gym. - Oct 2015

Yes. - Jun 2015

Yes, they are available but not cheap. The Embassy has a small gym. It is very hot to exercise outside--one really must do their outdoor workouts before 7am and after 6:30pm to at least take the edge off the heat. There are CrossFit gyms here but none of themare open on the weekends and it will cost about US$100 a month. You can find zumba classes easily here--they are US$5 a class. - May 2015

YES. - Sep 2014

Power gym is around the city, and different smaller workout facilities are all around town, also pilates, jiu jitsu, yoga classes etc. Not that expensive so you can find a place for your budget. - Jul 2014

Embassy has a gym and there are private gyms throughout the city, not sure about cost - Mar 2014

Yes. There are gyms, some housing areas or apartment buildings have facilities, some communities such as Clayton and Albrook have public pools. Clayton has a gym which offers arobics and yoga. There are yoga and pilates studios around. Many people run/walk/bike on the Cinta Costera, Amador Causeway, Parque Omar, or Kiwanis Park as well. There are competitive running events and lots of cycling too. - Jan 2013

There is a gym and a pool at the Embassy. There is also a wide variety of gyms throughout the city and pools. - Sep 2011

The embassy has a great and underutilized gym. Not sure of the open market. - Apr 2010

yes - Dec 2009

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