Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Tropical insects and small lizards are common, even in the high-rise buildings, especially if you have a balcony. - Dec 2021

Regular mosquitos, snakes, and insects. - Oct 2018

Ants and roaches. Big ants, small ants, big roaches, and small roaches. The best thing you can do is have boric acid (available locally) and geckos. - Sep 2018

Some housing has lots of roaches and ants, and snakes, and poisonous toads and/or frogs that can kill your pets. - May 2017

We live on the 13th floor and have never seen any bug or insect in our apartment. - Mar 2017

We haven't had any ants and just a few roaches, but apparently that is a big problem. If you have a yard, snakes and poisonous toads and frogs can be a problem. - Oct 2015

Cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes etc. - Jun 2015

Lots. Everybody has ants in their kitchen and they often invade other parts of the home. Houses often have crickets, roaches, lizards, and other creatures in them. - May 2015

In my house none at all. - Sep 2014

In some areas outside the capital, mosquitoes. But nothing compared to Africa. - Jul 2014

The thing about tropical climates is that bugs don't really die off, it never gets cold enough or dry enough. Mosquitoes are a problem all year (and there are dengue outbreaks often). Termites will spread and infest anywhere possible - they've been living in our kitchen since before we moved in, and we're in a high-rise apartment on the 27th floor, so if they can get up here, they can get anywhere. We had a small ant infestation for a while too but after purchasing some ant traps (which I picked up on a trip to the U.S. since you can't find them in Panama), they seem to have died off. - Mar 2014

Mosquitoes can be a pain (but not dangerous). Every type of ant imaginable - and then some. Generally not bad. - Jan 2013

There are mosquitos since it is the tropics. It is not really bad. I sometimes put on bug repellent at dusk in the city if I'll be outside. It is more necessary when you are in the countryside. - Sep 2011

In the city it's OK. The fight against yellow fever eliminated most of the mosquitoes. - Apr 2010

mosquitos - Dec 2009

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