Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot and humid. Every. Single. Day. + rain. - Dec 2021

Hot and humid. - Oct 2018

Hot. Year round. Humid. Year round. Rains from April to December almost daily. Usually dry in Jan, Feb, and March. Or at least less rainy. They call this the 'summer' since the kids are out of school, but since we are north of the equator, it is not really summer. - Sep 2018

HOT and HUMID year around. - May 2017

Hot all year round. Hot and humid for most of the year. Hot and "less-humid" for three months (Jan-March). - Mar 2017

Hot and Humid all the time, with a lot of rain added in during rainy season. - Oct 2015

Always summer. Rainy season: hot and humid with pouring down rain, dry season: hot with beautiful breeze. - Jun 2015

Hot and humid and really hot. It is overcast and rainy for much the year (from Mid April to December) when it is also super humid. One will be sweaty just walking from the car to one's place of business. The dry season is sunny and although hotter, it's at least a little more comfortable because of reduced humidity. The downside to the dry season is that the beautiful, lush, green countryside turns brown. - May 2015

HOT AND HUMID!!!!!! - Sep 2014

Always hot and humid. Weather patterns: dry and rainy seasons. - Jul 2014

It's hot and humid all year. There's a rainy season (roughly April-December) and a dry season (roughly December-April). The temperature hovers around 90F all year, occasionally dipping into the low 80s. - Mar 2014

Very hot and humid. It rains almost every day from April through December. Having said that, we still manage to get outdoors most days. The rain is especially heavy in October and November, and the dry season goes from January through March, when it almost never rains. - Jan 2013

The dry season is from December to March. Rainy season can have afternoon showers (you need a large umbrella and galoshes/flip flops)or torrential showers with 10 inches in an hour perhaps. The drainage system for water can often leave some areas flooded. A car with some degree of clearance is useful for that reason and for touring outside of the city. - Sep 2011

Hot, full-on-air-conditioning-hot. Or hot with rain. - Apr 2010

Hot and humid, rains a couple hours a day for 9 months a year - Dec 2009

Hot and humid. - May 2008

Hot, hot, and hot. Either with rain or not depending on the month. - Apr 2008

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