Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is good in the private hospitals affiliated with US institutions. - Dec 2021

People talked about Zika for a while but that conversation seems to have died down. Good quality medical care here. - Oct 2018

Hot and humid year round. Seriously, if you have allergies this is likely not the post for you. There is mold in the air conditioners (this is normal) so you can't escape it. Medical care is pretty good though the price may fluctuate based on the perception that you can pay more. Traffic delays in the city (up to two hours) can make getting to a hospital or doctors appointment even more frustrating than the variable costs or expectation to pay in cash. - Sep 2018

People get sick a lot here, and food poisoning is not uncommon. - May 2017

Health care is top-notch. Zika is probably a concern for some. Dental care is very good. I don't think any medical condition would require a medical evacuation. - Mar 2017

A lot of people get sick with a severe kind of cold that can hang on for a while. - Oct 2015

No health concerns. Medical quality is good however for general cold etc. it seems like local doctors believe in antibiotic for simple issues. - Jun 2015

There is a huge disparity between the perception of the current RMO and the embassy community on the quality of health care here. There are worse places to be, but there have been many horror stories about the level of care of here. Other than the cost of living, the inferior quality of health care is one of the biggest moreale issues of employees and families at post. For example, ambulances are inadquate and despite what the Health Unit says, there is not always an English speaking person on staff at the hospitals. I know of at least 3 people in the embassy community who have contracted dengue recently. Mold is a huge issue here--several people in the community have been hospitalized due to mold in their homes. There are several types of poisonous snakes that have been found in the yards of embassy housing. - May 2015

No major health concerns. Great medical care is available. Many expat women have their babies here. - Jul 2014

It's not bad, but for anything serious it's recommended that you medevac. Just stick to private doctors and hospitals and far away from the public hospitals. - Mar 2014

There is excellent medical here. I know several ex-pats who've given birth here. Most of the good hospitals though are in the city and difficult to reach in heavy traffic. - Jan 2013

People come to Panama for health care. If you have money the facilities are top notch with many doctors trained in the states. - Sep 2011

World-class health care. - Apr 2010

good quality when you get there, very few ambulances in country and have to be on a paid service plan for them to take you - Dec 2009

Lots of mosquitoes, although dengue is suppose to be under control. It's very humid and the sun burns the skin easily. Health care is good and affordable. Most drugs do not need prescriptions, but they are costly. - May 2008

The heat and humidity are concerns. Many medical doctors indicate U.S. training but we have generally been very dissapointed with the quality of health care. - Apr 2008

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