Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Restaurants and bars are a thing here. Trekking groups have been reactivated but the rain can kill many outings. Discovering the treasures of the old colonial city (Casco Antiguo). The beaches are, meh, okay. I would recommend San Blas, an archipelago in the Caribbean, simply because it is so different and non-commercial. Most of the beaches on the Pacific Ocean that are closer to the city are not that appealing. The further west you travel on that coast, such as to Pedasi and Playa Veando, the better the experience. Panama's tourism industry with multiple hotel offerings on both coasts is a work in progress. Please note that Panama City does not have a beach. This comes as a surprise to many who visit for the first time. - Dec 2021

Many Community Liaison Office (CLO) activities are organized for the embassy community. There are also SUP clubs, crossfit gyms, art classes, and really anything you want to focus on here, you probably can. - Oct 2018

The same ways as in the US. Work colleagues, bars, exercize groups, hobby groups, etc. - Sep 2018

BBQ, dining out. - May 2017

Endless. There are exercise groups, free classes in the parks and Cinta Costera, there are hiking groups, LGBT groups, etc. I recommend or Couchsurfing for locals/expats. Embassy CLO is amazing as well. - Mar 2017

Day or weekend beach trips, tourism, dining, diving, BBQs. - Oct 2015

Go out to tourist spots, meet up with friends, go to restaurants, go to beaches, watch movies. - Jun 2015

Not much; maybe go to the pool or the movies. Hiking if you don't mind the heat. - May 2015

Meet for supper, BBQs, movies. - Sep 2014

Beaches, parks, canal, traveling to the country side, malls, movies, restaurants. - Jul 2014

Depends on what you like to do. There are huge malls, movie theaters, bars, clubs, restaurants. The arts scene is pretty limited, though there is theater and ballet. - Jan 2013

There are many restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural events to choose from. Films arrive pretty close to when they come out in the states. - Sep 2011

Lots of bars, some nightclubs and gambling for the young set. - Apr 2010

lots of clubs and casinos - Dec 2009

Movie theaters are cheap and up to date. - May 2008

Anything you want. Although night clubs and prostitution seem to be main attractions for many foriegnors. - Apr 2008

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