Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I think this would be very challenging. It is very common for sidewalk continuity to be interrupted several times in any given stretch of road within the city. There tends to be debris in city streets and lots of creative parking which ends up impacting public space. Also, since it rains almost 9 months a year, navigating the city on a wheelchair, cane, or any other device under torrential rains and flooded streets would seem unsuitable. - Dec 2021

A little, but I think it is workable. - Sep 2018

Yes. Sidewalks are poorly maintained and it would be very tough to navigate. - Mar 2017

Some. - Jun 2015

Yes--there are not many sidewalks and when you find them, the pavement is uneven. - May 2015

Some. - Sep 2014

Not really, as I see special access in many public areas. Probably one of the best Latin American cities for someone with physical disabilities. - Jul 2014

Yea, lots of construction everywhere, sidewalks aren't well-maintained and are frequently covered with trash. - Mar 2014

Panama is one of the only countries I've been to that not only has handicapped parking spots, but people who actually respect them. Many buildings also have ramps and sliding doors. - Jan 2013

Most people drive everywhere and the sidewalks aren't always the best. With the traffic and hectic drivers, it isn't always safe for pedestrians or bikers, even. - Sep 2011

Lots, the city is not handicapped accessable at all - Dec 2009

Somewhat difficult. The sidewalks do not have ramps, but newer buildings do have elevators and handicap accessible public bathrooms. I have seen few wheelchairs though. - May 2008

No consideration for people with physical disabilities that we've seen. - Apr 2008

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