Panama City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not really. - Dec 2021

I am not sure; I have not seen much of it but it still may exist. - Sep 2018

Panama is a melting pot of cultures - since the construction of the canal it has attracted people from all around the world. However, I'd say there are probably some prejudices, just as in the US. There is growing animosity towards immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela. Religious communities from all stripes are represented here - there's actually quite a large Jewish population, though they are a bit more orthodox than many Jewish communities in the US.

There is still gender inequality but I think it's improving. - Mar 2017

I haven't noticed anything. - Jun 2015

No. - Sep 2014

No. - Jul 2014

Panamanians are very misogynistic, but I don't know of any real prejudices against anyone but homosexuals. - Mar 2014

Panama is a diverse society and you will see people of many different backgrounds here, including Asian and South Asian. I haven't heard of any particular stories of outright prejudice, although of course it can happen anywhere. - Jan 2013

Due to the diversity here, you can see women in the supermarket in islamic dress in chadors, burkas, the jewish community, Chinese populations speaking little Spanish, etc. There is additionally a large afro population. That being said, there is diversity, but still with some prejudice. - Sep 2011

There are strong jewish and islamic communities. - Apr 2010

no problems - Dec 2009

It is more subtle, but there is an hierarchy of skin color. You see people with darker skin doing more menial work. - May 2008

Generally, the wealthy Panamanians look down on anything other than White. Outwardly they appear very social but we've found it to be a facade. - Apr 2008

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