Sao Paulo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are many international schools. Most kids attend Graded, a non-profit school. Others attend: Chapel, British school, and Avenues. Our experience at Graded grades 4-6 and 2-4 have been mostly good. Nearly all of the teachers are top-notch educators. Their teachers have international teaching backgrounds/experience. We have been a bit disappointed with the teachers this year but we aren't sure if it is due to the distance learning or the teachers. Overall, I am glad we chose this school and (when they are actually in classes) my children are happy and seem to be thriving. - May 2021

Good schools. - Aug 2019

Most expatriate kids attend one of the two best known schools: Graded (American school) and British College of Brazil (British school).

Graded is usually everyone's top choice since it is the American school. It is extremely large and has lots of events and activities for attending families and the community, but it can also have a long waiting list (Americans do not receive priority placement) and is a lengthy drive from most of the expat communities (long bus rides result in very early pick up and very late drop off).

BCB is a smaller, more intimate school that is close to the U.S. consulate and most of the expat communities. It is still growing and is lacking an upper school, but the programs available to middle school and under are great. Both schools are academically advanced with top-notch teachers and accolades. So really it depends on the type of experience you want (and who has an opening when you need it).

Our daughter attended 1st - 3rd grade at BCB and she absolutely loved it. And, when we returned to the US for a brief stay in the DC area, she was a year ahead of her American classmates in regards to curriculum learned. - Nov 2017

Graded School (most popular), Chapel School and British College are used by most expats. - Jan 2017

The Graded American School is excellent, perhaps the nicest school my kids will ever attend. A huge, beautiful campus, excellent facilities and teachers. They have high standards and the work seems challenging. The student mix is 1/3 U.S. students, 1/3 Brazilian, and 1/3 the rest of the world. - Aug 2015

There are a few that are most common, but we did not use them. - Aug 2013

Can’t comment – don’t have school age children. - Jan 2012

Overall very good reports--Graded is competitive but very rich in resources. - Jan 2012

Graded is the American school. Chapel is a Catholic school. There are British schools. Most Americans attend Graded. Bullying is a problem, and the staff of most schools, even though American, prefer to have the rich Brazilian students attend. Graded uses google docs exclusively; Students in grades 6 and up need a laptop. - Jan 2012

Chapel, Graded, some others but no kids so don"t know details. Most families seem happy with the quality of the education, however. - Oct 2008

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