Sao Paulo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

KY. To Sao Paulo is about 15 hours via Atlanta. From Sao Paulo is about 18-20 hours via Atlanta, Chicago, New York, or Houston. - May 2021

Los Angeles, CA, United States. The trip from post is relatively easy however flight restrictions due to the pandemic have made it a bit more difficult. - Apr 2021

NY/DC...9-10 hour direct flights or 15 hours with a layover in ATL or Miami. Periodic flight sales. - Aug 2019

Home is Florida, USA. There are many direct flights from Sao Paulo to Miami, but they are long (9+ hours), pricey and usually overnight. Also, if you have pets, note that air travel can be an issue since Brazil is one of the countries that frequently does not permit pets in cabin -- most are required to be in baggage or cargo. - Nov 2017

Home is San Francisco. There is a flight from Sao Paulo to LAX a few days a week which is nice because the onward flight to SF is only 45 minutes. It's on American and can be pricey and isn't every day. For business, there are direct flights from Sao Paulo to DC, although for the time being, the government contract fare is inexplicably on Delta, so now people on official travel have to lay over in Atlanta before flying on to DC. Sad! - Apr 2017

New York, about 11 hours direct, with a few different airline options. A big benefit of Sao Paulo is that there are lots of international air routes. - Apr 2017

Pennsylvania, USA (about 13 hours with one connection) or nonstop from Newark. Orlando, FL - can find some non-stop (8-9 hours) and most from Miami are non-stop (8 hours). - Jan 2017

My home city/state is Houston, Texas.

Direct flights are available between Sao Paulo and Houston. Travel time is about 9 hours. - Jan 2017

11 hours to New York and nine hours to Atlanta. Very cheap flights these days. My wife and kids flew round-trip from Sao Paulo to New York for about US$500 per ticket recently. Easy 8-hour overnight flights to Miami, too. - Aug 2015

Direct flights to Dallas and Miami are easy to come by, the flight is about 9 hours. - Aug 2013

It takes about 9-10 hours to reach Washington, DC. There are direct flights with United and TAM. - Dec 2012

About a 10-hour flight to Washington, DC. There are daily direct flights to Sao Paulo from the major US hubs such as Washington DC, NYC, Miami (multiple a day!), Dallas, Chicago etc. - Jan 2012

Atlanta, 9 hours - Jan 2012

Wash, DC. The flight was 8 hours, direct, from Washington/Dulles airport. - Jan 2012

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