Sao Paulo - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Pouch. If ordering from local websites local mail/delivery is cheap and reliable. - May 2021

I use diplomatic pouch. Local mail is fine but a bit slow/unreliable. - Apr 2021

Pouch, but it's not really straight forward to send. I've yet to go to the actual post office here. We're waiting for our own DPO, which will be nice. Amazon prime usually arrives in about 2 weeks. - Aug 2019

We used the pouch at the U.S. consulate. The one time I had to look for a post office for inter-country mail I was unsuccessful. - Nov 2017

Pouch. It's pretty good. I have gotten flat mail delivered straight to my apartment and it's faster than pouch. - Apr 2017

Everything comes via pouch, so expect delays of a couple of weeks. - Apr 2017

We have 'pony express' at the Consulate but you could use the local Correios mail too -- I've never tried. - Jan 2017

I receive/ship letters to the US through the consulate. However the Brazilian postal service is adequate for in-country mail. - Jan 2017

Diplomatic pouch. Which is dreadfully slow here. - Aug 2015

Pony express for letters. I don't send packages - too much hassle. - Aug 2013

I used the DPO and Diplomatic Pouch addresses. It was taking 2-6 weeks for things to get from the US to post. - Dec 2012

DPO and pouch – mail takes a very loooong time….about 4-6 weeks. - Jan 2012

DPO - Jan 2012

APO and Unclas Pouch. - Jan 2012

I use APO and/or pouch. - Oct 2008

Pouch takes 2.5 weeks or so. Don't send anything you care about through the APO. - Aug 2008

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