Sao Paulo - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Almost all buildings have a small workout room. The Consulate has a facility on compound. And I cannot speak to availability/cost of local gyms-I have seen them but I have no knowledge of what they offer. - May 2021

Gyms and other types of exercise classes are widely available. Not sure about cost. I took an indoor cycling class similar to Soul Cycle which was very affordable ($10 - 15 per class). - Apr 2021

The US Consulate has a gym/pool/tennis court that seem to get use. Through out the city there are tons of gyms. Pilates and crossfit are everywhere. Prices are similar to DC; for a nice gym expect to pay around $100USD/mo. Single yoga/pilates/spin classes can be up to US$20 each. - Aug 2019

There are gyms everywhere in Sao Paulo, but membership is required at most and the prices exceed those found in the U.S. Most of the larger living complexes have adequate gyms available to residents free of charge. - Nov 2017

Anything you can imagine, they have. Pools, horses, basketball, soccer, baseball, skateboarding. It's cheaper than the States. - Apr 2017

Most buildings have gyms and if you are looking for something beyond what they offer, there are big chains as well as tons of CrossFit places throughout the city. - Apr 2017

Lots of gyms and pools here. There is one at the Consulate. I just use the ones in our apartment and they are really nice. - Jan 2017

Lots of exercise facilities are available within Sao Paulo (gyms, cross-fit, karate, dance, etc.) - Jan 2017

Our building has a full gym, two swimming pools. - Aug 2015

At the consulate and at most of the apartment complexes. Private gyms and sports clubs are all over. - Aug 2013

Yes, pretty much on every corner. The US Consulate also has a nice workout center for employees and their families. - Dec 2012

Yes in most Shopping Malls but they are extremely expensive. Most apartment buildings have a gym and the Consulate recently upgraded its gym (overall, the Consulate has a fantastic recreation area consisting of a gym, basketball court, soccer field, tennis court, pool, and playground). - Jan 2012

Yes - Jan 2012

Yes, but they are typically around $175/month. - Jan 2012

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