Sao Paulo - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Not really, most of my recommendations would involve getting on a plane and flying someplace else in the region. - Jun 2024

I don't know of many hidden gems but my favorite place to go just outside the city is Embu das Artes. I like to walk the city streets and admire the arts and culture. The MASP in Ibirapuera and the fair under it have also been highlights. In Blumenau there is an Oktoberfest in September-pre/post covid, of course. It is singles and family friendly. Book your hotel early. - May 2021

This list could be so so so long. I'll just say that you NEVER run out of things to do. You always have to choose between multiple amazing activities/trips/events. - Aug 2019

The events associated with Carnaval, Festa Junina, and Oktoberfest are fun and should be on everyone's list (including families). Also, for an adult night out there are interesting karaoke bars that are fun to attend with groups. - Nov 2017

Saturday afternoon samba and feijoada. Go to a soccer game. See a theater production. - Apr 2017

There's a petting zoo in the city for the kids and the aquarium is good too. Jazz and music clubs. Some of the best in the world! - Jan 2017

You name it, you can find it in Brazil. Exploring, swimming, hiking, shopping, sky diving, etc. - Jan 2017

Everyone goes to the big Ibirapuera Park, but there are plenty of cute little pocket parks scattered around town. (Trianon, Burle Marx, Severo Gomes, Parque do Povo). Many of them feel like the Atlantic rainforest; some have monkeys. There's also a huge nature preserve north of the city, Parque Estadual da Cantareira, which has great hikes. - Aug 2015

TONS within the city and even more just outside. There is a bike path every Sunday that runs the entire city, an amazing zoo, an awesome botanical garden, science parks and museums. There is always something to do . - Aug 2013

Going to the beach (about 2 hours; just make sure to return early on Sundays otherwise it can easily take you 5 hours); visiting the “wine” region of Sao Roque (go for the nature and grape juice/champagne; not necessarily for the wine!); going to the weekend markets at Embu das Artes. - Jan 2012

Beaches not far from Sao Paulo--1-3 hours gets you to a great beach. - Jan 2012

Martial arts; movie cinemas have first run, English language movies; Plays, if you understand Portuguese. Beaches are about 2 - 3 hours away. - Jan 2012

EAT at one of the awesome restaurants in town. There are tons. SHOP at any type of designer store or junky fun street fair like 25 de Marzo. VISIT outlying areas like EMBU and ITU or take a trip to the beach at GUARUJA. LISTEN to a concert in the fantastic acoustic ambiance of Sala Sao Paulo or see your fave band at Via Funchal or Credicard Hall. WALK around the various neighbourhoods, seeing the instrument shops of Theodoro Sampaio, the boutiques of Oscar Freire, the Japanese district of Liberdade, or the shoe outlets in Moema. DRINK tasty coffees at Santo Grau or imbibe a Guiness at one of the many Irish pubs. Basically this town is like any big city. You can explore museums, antique fairs, malls, can ice skate in the tiny rink in the basement of the ElDorado shopping mall, go to an anime convention, see a movie, watch a play, go horseback riding, to the botanical gardens. If you get bored here, you"re not trying hard enough. - Oct 2008

Great restaurants, lots of travel opportunities, nightlife has got to be some of the best in the world. - Aug 2008

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