Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

I'm aware that some families send young children to Spanish preschool. I think it's free but it can be difficult to get a spot. - Sep 2019

Lots and lots of different options for ages 0+. Definitely affordable, especially compared to DC. Like maybe 1/3 of the cost? Nannies are more expensive. - Mar 2017

I am not sure. I don't know of any daycare centers, but know many people that hire nannies. I don't know what they cost. - Apr 2012

Preschool options are limited in our experience. The CLO will give you a list and people will tell you there are great options. Great options if you want your 3 or 4 year old sitting at a table for over an hour writing and filling out worksheets most of the day. We tried a Spanish preschool first. Our son hated every minute of it. The kids drank from 2 shared cups for water. He was sick constantly. Pins (the kind you use to pin up art work or paper) were within reach of the children. Yes, your child will learn Spanish at a Spanish preschool but your child will also be yelled at, made to sit and write when developmentally inappropriate, and will be taught that zebras must be colored black and white. Creativity is non-existent. We found the preschool program at ASM to be better - mainly because it is in English but still lacking in creativity and age appropriate teaching techniques. Kindergarten at ASM has been a much more American style educational experience for our youngest. - Feb 2009

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