What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

The American school is OK. The academics are just so-so compared with our schools around Washington, D.C. There are plenty of other options, though I'm not sure about the quality. - Sep 2019

Several international schools available. No direct experience. Parents if younger children seem to like the American School of Madrid. Mixed reviews for middle and high school-aged kids. - Jun 2019

There is an American School, several private English-speaking or bi-lingual schools, and lots of others - French, German, Italian, of course, Spanish. Standards for education here are high. - Mar 2017

I have no experience with them, but I've heard good things. - Apr 2012

American School of Madrid. Very good school with IB program being optional. Lots of after school activities, opportunities to learn french and mandarin. Expect your teenagers to spend at least two hours M-F with homework. Not very good at sports, there are more spaniards than americans and they don´t celebrate american holidays except for thanksgiving. - Oct 2011

The American School of Madrid. Not thrilled. I would rate it like a good american public school, but we expected much more from an international private education. It falls far short of the standard set by the last international school my children attended. We have had all 4 of our kids through the overseas schools, so we have a very good feel for them. There seems to be little school spirit or excitement here, and for the most part the teachers do not add much. Of the ten-or-so teachers my kids had this year, they thought only 1 or 2 were really good. The entry administration is one of its strengths, and the lack of a very good sports program is one of its weaknesses. - Aug 2010

Most expats use the American School of Madrid (ASM). Basically a good school and most families are pretty happy. Like with almost any school, your experience will be influenced by the teachers your children have. Some are wonderful, experienced teachers. Others are not and this can make a huge difference in your opinion of the school. We have had only one experience with a not-so-great teacher in the preschool. The adminstration tends to be unresponsive to parent requests and complaints as well. Additionally, the bus monitors do not speak any English and will yell at your kids in Spanish. We have had a great experience with the school providing advanced math for our son in 2nd and 3rd grade. - Feb 2009

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